Hello guys,

So with this offer, you can get a cashback of Rs, 20 for every coca-cola drink(limca, coke, fanta, etc) you buy. You just have to message the code behind the label.

How to Get Rs. 20 Paytm Cashback

  1. Buy a bottle of Coke/Limca/Fanta, etc.
  2. Message the code behind the label to 99012 99012 or enter the code at coke2home.com/cb
  3. Now you will get a cashback code
  4. Enter that code at paytm.com/coke
  5. Rs. 20 will be added to your bank account linked to your paytm UPI within 24 hours
coke paytm cashback
The offer is valid till 31 Oct.

**If you need label codes. Join the telegram group and dm me.**