Fizz Referral Code. You can use Fizz referral code when signing up on and earn extra rewards for free. When you subscribe to a plan on Fizz your referral bonus will be pending. It will become available once you become a paying member.

fizz referral code

Same happens when you invite user to Fizz with your unique 5 digit referral code. When they choose a plan both of your bonuses will be pending until your referred user becomes a paying member.

The referral bonus for the referee and the referred user is $25.

Fizz Referral Code 

Fizz Referral Code IV28O
Reward $25
Valid for New users

Fizz Referral Code to Get $25


How to Use Fizz Referral Code and Get $25

  1. Go to and create your plan.
  2. Apply the Fizz referral code on the summary page.
  3. The referral bonus will be pending till you become a paying user.

How to Refer and Earn

You can share your Fizz referral code wth your friends and earn $25 for every friend that becomes a paying customer.
It’s simple just share your code with your friends and ask them to enter it on the order summary page. As a reward both of you will get $25 in pending balance.
It will become usable once your referred friend has paid for his second subscription.