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Refer and Earn 6 Month Hotstar VIP Free

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In this post I will show you how to get free Disney+Hotstar. As you might already know, there are a multiple way to get free Hotstar subscription. You can do special recharges and more. But the method that I’m sharing with you today is new and was launched today. This method allows you to refer your friends to Hotstar and earn up to 6 months of VIP subscription for free.

So Today, Disney + Hotstar launched a new referral program. This allows you to earn 1 month of free VIP subscription for each friend. And not only you your friends will get the same benefit(1 extra month of free VIP subscription).

Note: This is a specific user offer. So you may or may not be eligible for the referral program

How to Refer & Get Free Hotstar VIP Subscription

1. Open your Disney+Hotstar app. You will see a pop up as shown in the image below.
free hotstar vip subscription
2. Share your unique referral link with your friends.
3. When your friend/family register through your link and buy a Premium/VIP subscription, you both will get 1 month extra of Hotstar VIP.
4. You can refer up to 6 users and consequently, get a maximum of 6 months of free VIP subscription.

Free Hotstar VIP Offer: Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to Disney+ Hotstar Referral Program (“Referral
Program”). By participating in this Referral Program, it is construed that you have read and
understood the Terms and Conditions set forth below and agreed to abide by the same.

1.1. Android and Web users with existing Disney+ Hotstar Premium or Disney+ Hotstar
VIP subscription purchased directly through the platform (“Referrer(s)”) are
eligible to participate and avail the benefit of this program. Users with subscriptions
purchased from third parties through iOS, BSNL, Jio STB, Tata Sky Binge or as part
of a bundle pack are not eligible to participate or avail the benefit of this program.
2.1. This referral program enables Referrers to share a unique referral link (“Referral
Link(s)”) to friends, family or any other personal connections through various
means of communication, including Email, Text messages, WhatsApp and other
Social media platforms. Any person who purchases an annual Disney+ Hotstar
Premium or Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription through this referral link is termed as
“Referee(s)”, and upon successful purchase of the subscription, both Referrer and
Referee receive a 1 month (30 days) complimentary extension to their subscription
(“Benefit”). To clarify, Disney+ Hotstar Premium users will receive the Benefit on
their Premium subscription, and Disney+ Hotstar VIP users will receive the Benefit
on their VIP subscription upon a Valid Referral.
3.1. In order to qualify as a Valid Referral and avail Benefit, the Referee must not be an
existing or subscriber of ​ Disney+ Hotstar (“Platform”) and must purchase a fresh
subscription through the Referral Link. The Referral Link can only be applied to
purchase an annual subscription of ​ Disney+ Hotstar Premium or Disney+ Hotstar
VIP subscription and cannot be utilized to purchase monthly subscriptions.
3.2. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a Subscription will only be deemed
to have been effectuated by when the Referral Link shared by the Referrer is utilized
by the Referee to purchase a ​ Disney+ Hotstar annual subscription . The Referral
Link will only be considered to have been utilized if Disney+ Hotstar’s internal
system log recognizes the Referral Link and the consequent purchase arising
therefrom as valid. Any decision with regards to whether a Referral Link has been
utilized or not shall be made solely at Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (“Novi”
– the entity owning and operating Disney+ Hotstar) discretion and shall be final and
4.1. Referral Links can only be shared for personal and non-commercial purposes to
personal connections such as friends, family, colleagues under these Terms and
Conditions​ . Referral Links cannot be advertised, marketed, or shared in any manner
for commercial purposes (such as on voucher websites, reddit, wikipedia, blogs,
mass emailing etc.) The Referral Links are to be shared in a way in which there is
reasonable basis for believing that all the recipients are personal connections.

5.1. There is no maximum limit on the number of times the Referrer may share a
Referral Link ​ . In case multiple Referral Links sent by the same Referrer are
redeemed, the Referrer can avail repeated 1 month extensions to his existing
subscription upto a maximum of 6 months. To clarify, even if more than 6 Referral
Links sent by a single ​ Referrer are successfully redeemed by various Referees, the
Referrer’s complimentary extensions will not extend beyond 6 months.
5.2. The Referee can use only one (1) referral link to purchase his subscription and avail
the Benefits of the Referral Program. If a Referee receives Referral Links from
multiple ​ Referrers​ , only the Referrer whose Referral Link is used by the Referee will
receive the Benefit of 1 month complimentary membership extension along with the

6.1. The Benefits under this Referral Program is applicable only on purchase of a fresh
subscriptions through the Referral Link and cannot be utilized to upgrade a
pre-existing subscription.
6.2. Referees cannot use both Referral Link or Discount Code to purchase their
subscription. In case a Referee attempts to purchase a subscription using the referral
code and applies a discount coupon, the Referee will only get the benefit of the
discount coupon and not this Referral Program.
6.3. In case a Referral Link shared by a Referrer is redeemed after expiration of the
Referrer’s own subscription, the benefits under this Referral Program cannot be
availed by the Referrer. This will have no impact, however, on the Benefits
applicable to the Referee under this Referral Program and the Referee will be
eligible for the complimentary 1 month extension on their newly purchased
6.4. In case a Referrer upgrades his subscription from ​ Disney+ Hotstar VIP to Disney+
Hotstar Premium, the benefits in the form of 1 month complimentary extension to
subscription will not be carried forward to the upgraded subscription offering. To
clarify, in case a Referrer has availed 1 month complimentary extension to his VIPsubscription as a result of sharing Referral Links, this extension will be cancelled if
the Referrer upgrades to a Premium subscription before the expiry of his VIP
6.5. Referrers cannot use their own Referral Link to purchase a subscription. Referrers
can only ​ avail the benefit of the Referral Program upon a valid referral under these
terms to another Referee.
6.6. The ​ Referral Program is valid for user in India and for purchase of subscription on
the Disney+ Hotstar platform in India.

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