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G Rummy APK Download & Get ₹55 Bonus | Rummy G

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G Rummy Apk, G Rummy App Download- Grummy is an application that is only available on Android and IOS. It is meant for those people who would like to exploit their betting skills to the fullest and earn extra cash, apart from their main sources of revenue. The currency in G Rummy is coin chips. This gaming application offers several advantages.

g rummy apk

A primary advantage that G Rummy offers is that there are multiple ways through which you can earn coin chips in the game, aside from participating in the betting games. One way is that you can avail the bonuses that G Rummy provides to its players.

One of the most important bonuses that G Rummy provides is the chance to be selected to be a part of the 99 players who will receive ninety-nine thousand rupees on any given day. This giveaway happens every day and if your fortune shines, then you may very well receive this bonus on your first day of playing G Rummy. However, in order to avail this bonus and all other bonuses in the game, you need to sign in.

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G Rummy App Review

Another perk of G Rummy is that you can also become a merchant, and once you become one, you can earn as much as 60% commission from the game. The process to become one is not that difficult. You would just need to get in touch with an agent through the WhatsApp number provided in the game. Once you provide your ID and WhatsApp Number to the agent, you stand a chance of being selected as a merchant.

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Lastly, one of the most important benefits you can take advantage of is by becoming a VIP member. Although, there are different levels of VIP membership that you can purchase, However, even the most basic level of membership would be enough for you to be able to cash in on the weekly, and monthly awards.

G Rummy Apk Download and Installation Process

App NameGRummy
G Rummy Apk Size22.4 MB
Apk VersionLatest
Sign up Bonus₹41
G Rummy App DownloadClick here

G Rummy is not available on the play store for android users and G Rummy Apk store for IOS users. It has to be downloaded from the official website of G Rummy Application. You would just have to type the name of G Rummy Application that is Grummy on chrome, firefox, or any other browser, and in the search results, you will find the link for the website of G Rummy Application

Once you land on the website page, there will be an option of downloading the game. You have to click on the option and the download process will automatically start.

However, you would have to turn off the play-protect in your settings to ensure that you are able to install G Rummy without any sort of intervention from your device’s security settings. After turning off this setting, G Rummy Apk will be installed on your smartphone and added to your home screen.

Features in Rummy G App

G Rummy provides a lot of features for its players. One feature is that it allows you to play the game in either Hindi or English. This is a pretty useful feature as it allows players from across the world to play G Rummy and win cash prizes.

Not only English, but the option of playing the game in Hindi is also important as it would allow people from remote rural and urban areas to play the game and have a shot at becoming wealthy through G Rummy.

Another feature that G Rummy provides is that it features games from different genres. The games available to play in G Rummy are diverse, so much so, that you can also win prizes in G Rummy even through PUBG, which is a third-person shooting style game that is completely different from betting games.

Lastly, the most important feature that G Rummy provides is that there is a 24/7 support system that you can access in the game to resolve any of your apprehensions about the game.

Earning Money from Refer and Earn System

A major way through which you can earn money in G Rummy is by referring the game to others. In order to share the downloadable link of the game with others, you would have to sign up for the game. Once you sign up for the game, you can access this system.

So, the system awards you with an invitation bonus, whenever a friend installs the game and completes their sign-up bonus through your shared link. You can share the link through any of the popular social media outlets that are available in today’s day and age. You will receive an invitation bonus every time you bring in a new player to the game through your referral link.

You not only receive an invitation bonus when your friends sign up for the game, but you also are subject to be awarded a 30% commission from the total earnings of your friend’s earnings from the game.

How to Refer and Earn Money in Rummy G

The process of referring and earning is very simple. You have to enter the menu screen of the game. At the bottom, there is the option of refer and earn.

Once you click on the refer and earn icon, and refer and earn box will open on your screen. In that box, there are 5 icons, Steps, Referrals, Members, My Bonus, and Bonus Record option. You have to click on the Steps Icon and there will be the option of sharing at the very bottom.

There is also the option of copying the link. So, you can either share directly through G Rummy Apk or copy and paste the link on your social media handles to share with a large group of friends.

How to Share and Earn ₹100 More?

You can earn extra ₹100 reward for your referrals. For the first few friends you will get ₹20 – ₹90 but after that you will earn ₹100 after your friend has deposited ₹1000.

G Rummy Apk VIP Privileges

g rummy vip privileges

As I mentioned previously, G Rummy offers weekly, monthly, and upgrade bonuses to all the players who are subscribed to the VIP membership program. There are a maximum of 20 levels present, and the lowest level is level 1.

You would have to pay 500 coin chips to attain VIP level 1. The price only keeps increasing for each level of membership. But, if you have enough money to spare, then you can easily increase your membership level to earn more weekly and monthly bonuses.

In the long term, this membership would be profitable, since you would be able to earn chip coins consistently even without playing the game regularly. So, the VIP membership does bring with it guaranteed, assured return and profit on top of it. So, it is definitely worth it, especially for people who would like to make a long-term investment in the game.

Deposit System of Rummy G App

In order to deposit money in G Rummy, you would have to click on the deposit option on the starting screen of the game.

Once you select that option, a recharge box will pop up where you would be able to deposit money in the game in order to earn more chip coins. The first deposit can be obtained by buying 201 chip coins and the highest bonus can be obtained by purchasing 50,001 chip coins. The higher the money you deposit, the more probability that you will get a profit upon your investment.

How to Contact Customer Care in Rummy G

In order to contact customer care in the game, you would have to tap on the live support icon in the menu of G Rummy app. This icon is positioned at the bottom of the menu screen.

After you select the option, G Rummy Apk leads you to a 24/7 active chat box on your browser. You can type in any query or doubt you have about the game. The chatbox will reply immediately to your query and would most likely resolve your problem. It is a very convenient system as you would not have to give up on your privacy to resolve your query as you would have to if the system involved getting in touch with a person through their contact number.

What is The Rummy G Safe System?

There is also an inbuilt Safe feature that the players can use. Through this Safe system, you can store your chip coins and withdraw them whenever you like. To access this Safe, you would have to click on the Safe Icon present on the menu screen of the game.

Once you select that option, a safe box will appear, where there are two options. You can either store chip coins or you can withdraw some chip coins that you have already deposited in the Safe. It is a very useful perk as it allows the users to efficiently save their chip coins and not unintentionally withdraw them. It also allows you to safely complete the cash withdrawal process more quickly as you would not have to type in the exact amount you would like to withdraw, leading to a quick transfer of chip funds to your bank account.

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