Howzat promo codes

Howzat is a fantasy sports app whee you can play fantasy cricket, kabaddi and football and win real cash. The app also gives you ₹500 cash bonus when you register using this referral code.

How to Get 100% Deposit Bonus:

  1. Deposit ₹100-500 before the Ind vs Ban starts. 
  2. You will get 100% bonus within 24 hours. 
  3. Offer is only valid for today 10 Nov 

Howzat Promo Codes:

Howzat Promo Code Benefit Deposit
HOWZAT100 Total Bonus: 30%
Playable Bonus: 40%
Locked Bonus: 50%
Instant cash: 10%
HOWZAT50 Total Bonus: 20%
Playable Bonus: 50%
Locked Bonus: 50%
HOWZAT500 Total Bonus: 50%
Playable Bonus: 30%
Locked Bonus: 60%
Instant cash: 10%
HOWZAT100 Total Bonus: 100%
Playable Bonus: 20%
Locked Bonus: 70%
Instant cash: 10%

How to use Howzat Promo Code:

  1. Open the Howzat app and go to ADD CASH
  2. Use any of the promo codes given above
  3. deposit the amount using any of the supported payment methods