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Howzat Referral Code: Get ₹500 Bonus on Howzat APK Download

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Howzat APK Download and Get ₹500 Bonus

howzat referral code 2021

Howzat referral code 2022 gives you Rs. 500 cash bonus in your wallet. It is recommended that users enter this code when they are registering. Otherwise, you won’t get any cash bonus. This invite code is helpful to get bonus cash and play fantasy sports on Howzat for free. Howzat like Dream11, MyTeam11, PlayerzPot, Fanfight and other fantasy apps gives you cash bonus on sign up.

howzat sign up bonus


Howzat Referral Code: INFOSMUSH
Bonus Amount Rs. 500
Fantasy Sports Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi
Difficulty Medium
Withdrawal Methods Paytm Wallet and Bank Account
Instant Withdrawal Yes
Minimum Payout Rs. 200
Earn Per Refer ₹500

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Howzat Referral Code:


Description: This referral code can be used during sign up to get ₹500 cash bonus on Howzat fantasy app/website. This offer can only be availed once per user.
download howzat apk

Steps to Get Howzat Referral Code Bonus of ₹500:

howzat referral code
  1. Download the Howzat apk
  2. Install the app
  3. Register using the email address, phone number and password. You can also sign up using your Google or Facebook account.
  4. Enter this Howzat Referral Code: INFOSMUSH

How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Howzat:

1. Open the Howzat app
2. From the Cricket section pick an upcoming match.


select a howzat match

3. Click the Create Team button to create your team

create fantasy team

4. Select 11 players for your team within the budget of 100 credits:

select players for team

5. Select captain and vice-captain. Captain gets 2x points and 1.5x points:

select captain and vice captain

6. Now from the Contest page join a contest.
7. Now enjoy the thrill.

Other than fantasy cricket you can also play Kabaddi and Football.

Not many users are familiar with Kabaddi. So here are some rules of a Kabaddi game:
  • Each team consists of a maximum of 12 players with just 7 on the field at a time.
  • The duration of each Kabaddi match is split between two halves of 20 minutes with a 5-minute half-time break
  • At the start of a game, a toss of a coin determines the team to raid first. At the beginning of the second half, the other team will raid first.
  • In order to score a point, the raider must go over to the opponents’ side repeating the word “kabaddi” in a single breath, tag one or more players and return to his own half of the court before he/she can take another breath.
  • The raider’s saying “kabaddi” repeatedly ensures that he does not take another breath secretly.
  • If the raider fails to say “kabaddi” repeatedly, he/she will have to return to his/her side without scoring a point. In addition to that, the opposing team gets a point.
  • The opponents are defenders in that case and they must prevent the raider from tagging any of their players and returning back. While defending, a team can score a point by stopping the raider from going back to his/her side. Defenders can hold the raider’s limbs and torso to stop him from returning. Defenders are not allowed to touch/cross the dividing line while stopping the raider.

Basic Fantasy Scoring System:

Points scored for T-20 ODI Test T10
Being a part of the playing XI 4 4 4 4
Every run scored 1 1 1 1
Every wicket taken (excluding run-outs) 25 25 16 25
Every catch taken 8 8 8 8
Every caught & bowled 33 33 24 33
Every stumping/ Run-out effected (direct) 12 12 12 12
Every run-out effected (Thrower/Catcher) 8/4 8/4 8/4 8/4
Every dismissal for a Duck (only for batsmen, wicket-keepers and all-rounders) -2 -3 -4 -2

Bonus Points

Points scored for T-20 ODI Test T10
Every boundary hit 1 1 1 1
Every six hit 2 2 2 2
Every half century (50 runs scored by a batsman in a single innings) 8 4 4 16
Every century (100 runs scored by a batsman in a single innings) 16 8 8 NA
Every maiden over bowled 8 4 NA 16
4 wickets taken by one bowler 8 4 4 NA
5 wickets taken by one bowler 16 8 8 NA
2 wickets taken by one bowler NA NA NA 8
3 wickets taken by one bowler NA NA NA 16

Howzat Referral Program:

howzat refer code

Howzat has one of the best Refer and Earn program of all the fantasy apps. You can share your referral code/link with your friends and for every successful referral you can earn up to Rs. 500.

You can share your refer code with your friends using Whatsapp, Facebook or any social media handle.

How To Share Referral Code & Earn:

  1. Go to the Refer and Earn tab 
  2. Click the share button
  3. Now select the method you want to share your referral code. 
  4. And now invite them
  5. When they register with your invite code/link you both get ₹500

How to Withdraw From Howzat App:

1. Open the side menu by tapping on More or swipe from the side of the screen to the left:
2. Tap on Withdrawal:
3. Select the Paytm or Bank tab.
4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and hit Request Withdrawal:
request withdrawal from howzat

Howzat Promo Codes:

You can also earn more cash bonus by depositing cash in your wallet and applying one of the following Howzat Promo Code:

Promo Code Benefit Deposit Amount
HOWZAT50 25% Cash Bonus ₹50
HOWZAT100 30% Cash Bonus ₹100-150
HOWZAT500 50% Cash Bonus ₹500
HOWZAT1000 100% Cash Bonus ₹1000

Howzat Contact Number:

Howzat is a software company. If you have any issues or questions you can contact the customer care using the contact number given below: 011 6648 1234.

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