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MiniJoy Pro Invite Code | Apk Download | How to Earn Paytm Cash

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minijoy pro invite code

MiniJoy Invite Code: MNJ5JJ. I hope you are guys earning a lot of paytm cash with the help of our top free paytm cash earning apps. In today’s post I’m reviewing another app where you play games and earn paytm cash. The name of the app is Mini Joy Pro.

What is MiniJoy Pro App?

Mini Joy Pro is an earning app. With this app, you can earn Paytm cash by playing games. There’s also a MiniJoy Lite apk which you can download from the Google Play store. But you will earn more paytm cash with MiniJoy pro. So it is better to download and install that one. I’ll show you how below.

Download MiniJoy Pro APK App:

minijoy pro app download
MiniJoy Pro app can be downloaded from the MiniJoy website. The size of the mini joy pro apk is below 20 MB. As you can see the size of the app is quite low. To download the MiniJoy app follow the steps below:
  1. Click on this Download link.
  2. Tap the Download for the Android button.
  3. The download will begin.
  4. Once the apk has been successfully downloaded install it.

Mini Joy Pro Invite Code: Get Sign up Bonus of ₹51:

In this section, I’ll show you how you can sign up on the MiniJoy app and get a withdrawable bonus.
1. First, open the app.
2. Select your preferred language for the app. You can select from up to 9 languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil.
minijoy pro select language
3. Now click anywhere except the eggs to begin the signup process.
minijoy pro sign up
4. Sign up using your Mobile number or you can also sign in using Facebook or Google account. 
5. Choose a hen. It doesn’t matter just pick any hen.
minijoy pro app choose hen
5. After signing up tap on all the golden eggs to collect your sign up rewards. Each egg will give you some cash reward and you can also double your reward by watching videos.
mini joy pro refer bonus
6. Collect rewards from all the 5 eggs and make sure you double your reward by watching a video.
7. Go to the Me tab and click on Enter Invite Code:
enter minijoy invite code
8. Now enter this Mini Joy invite code: MNJ5JJ
mini joy invite code

Mini Joy Pro Refer and Earn:

You can also share your referral code with your friends and earn up to ₹39 per successful invite. 
minijoy app refer and earn
Here how much you will earn based on the number of friends you invite:
  • 1 referral- ₹31
  • 2-5 referrals- ₹33/each
  • 6-20- ₹35 each.
  • 21-203 referrals- ₹37.
  • 204-781- ₹39

By inviting your friends you can up to ₹30001.

How to Earn Paytm Cash with MiniJoy Pro App:

There are many ways that will help you earn Paytm cash on the MiniJoy app. Below are the methods that you can use to earn money on MiniJoy Pro:

#1. Games:

Games are the best way to earn in the MiniJoy Pro app. There are tons of games that you can play on MiniJoy and win real cash.

How to Earn Money Playing Games:

1. Open the MiniJoy Pro app.
2. Scroll down and from the Contest Zone go to Tournament or Cash Contest. In the Tournament zone, you will find both free tournaments and paid tournaments. hence in the Tournament, you can win free paytm cash by playing games.

3. You can join tournaments using Joy coins or cash. Join a tournament.
minijoy pro app tournaments
4. Now play the game unlimited times and try to score as high as possible. Because the amount of money you win depends on your score.

#2. Rummy:

Yes, you can also earn paytm cash and Joy coins by playing Rummy. You need to know how too play Rummy though. if you don’t, I would recommend that you don’t play.

#3. MiniJoy Pro Aladdin Lamp:

This is the easiest way to earn on the Mini Joy Pro app. All you have to do is touch the lamp and claim your reward.
mini joy aladdin lamp
You will get a maximum of 5 chances at a time. But the chances are refilled multiple times a day(1 chance/hour). So you can win a lot of free paytm cash just by touching the lamp.
lamp tasks
Your lamp earnings are placed in a separate wallet. From there you can withdraw a minimum of ₹200.
  • Get a prize by touching the magic lamp.
  • Each touch consumes 1 chance
  • Each account will get 5 chances initially.
  • 1 chance will be added in each hour.
  • Share(invite) the activity with one friend and get more chances. Maximum 3 chances per day.
  • The minim amount to be transferred to your account is ₹200.
  • You can win up to ₹220. If you don’t get enough money to withdraw you can finish lamp tasks.

#4. Scratch Cards:

You can also earn Joys and cash by scratching virtual cards. The cards are refilled every 24 hours.

#5. MiniJoy Pro Lotto:

By participating in Lotto you can win up to ₹500,000 cash. But for that, you will have to be extremely lucky. Here’s how it works:
  1. Go to the Lotto section.
  2. Select 5 numbers and 1 lucky number.
  3. When the results are out you will win based on how many numbers that you chose match the declared numbers.
mini joy pro lotto
Prizes based on matches:
1 match = 100 Joy
2 match = 300 Joy
3 match = ₹1
4 match = ₹20
5 match =₹200
6 match = ₹50000

#6. Mini Joy Spin:

You can also spin the wheel and win cash and Joy. There are two types of Spins- 1. Cash Spin and 2. Joy Spin. 
mini joy spin
For cash spin, you need to pay ₹3 per spin and you could win up to ₹1000 or up to 100000 Chips or 3000 Joy.
In joy spin, you can spin 3 times by watching 1 video or spin once for 50 Joy.
  1. Joy can be used in Joy Spin while cash can be used in Cash Spin.
  2. Joy Spin requires 50 Joy per spin; Cash Spin requires ₹3 per spin.
  3. You can choose 1 spin, 10 spin or 100 consecutive spins.
  4. MiniJoy reserve the right of final interpretation of the event.

#7. Mini-Games:

In Mini-Games, you can play against other live players for free and win Joy. The number of Joy you win is random but you have to score higher than your opponent to win.

#8. Mega Games:

In Mega Games, you can complete challenges for different games and earn Points. 

1 Challenge = 1 Point.
The more points you earn the more cash bonus you will get.

#9. Other Ways to Earn on MiniJoy App:

  1. Poker: You can play poker against other players and win more money and Joy.
  2. Quiz: You can also play quizzes and win paytm cash.

How to Redeem Paytm Cash in MiniJoy:

1. Go to your profile(the Me tab).
2. Select the cash you want to withdraw- Bonus cash or Withdrawable cash(winnings)
3. Now you will need to do your KYC with Mini Joy app: bind your Paytm wallet number, enter your name and email address.
4. Now select the amount that you want to withdraw.
withdraw to paytm
5. Hit the Withdraw button. The amount will be transferred to your Paytm wallet instantly.
6. You can withdraw once in a day.
MiniJoy Payment Proof:
mini joy app payment proof

How to Withdraw Joy(Virtual Coins):

So you know that you can use Joy to participate in games and quizzes. But you can also convert Joy to cash and Redeem.
  1. Open the MiniJoy Pro app. 
  2. Go to the Me tab.
  3. Click on My Joy.
  4. Now tap the Convert button.
  5. Now select the amount you want to convert.
  6. 1000 Joy = ₹1.
  7. Now follow the steps in the above section to withdraw it.

MiniJoy Pro Hack Apk:

Currently, there is no hack or mod apk available for the MiniJoy Pro or lite app. if I find it it will be uploaded here.
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