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Poll Pay Invite Code 2023: Get Instant $0.25 Bonus | $200 Payment Proof

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poll pay invitation code 2021

Poll Pay Invitation Code 2021: MVG84KWCXT

Poll Pay invite code is MVG84KWCXT to get $0.25 on sign up. You can also refer your friends and earn unlimited commission. Make sure you checkout my payment proof at the end of the review.

Download Poll Pay Apk:

  1. Click here. You will be redirected to Google Play store.
  2. Now tap Install.
  3. Wait for the app to be downloaded and installed.

How to Register on Poll Pay App with Invite Code:

1. Open the app and select the option shown in the image below.

2. Select the gift card you would redeem as your goal.

3. Accept the terms of policy and tap Start.

poll pay policy

4. Login with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account.

poll pay login

5. Now you can use the Poll Pay app.

6. Scroll down until you find the Enter Invitation Code option and tap Enter.

enter invitation code

7. Now copy and paste this Poll Pay invite/referral code: MVG84KWCXT

poll pay invitation code 2021

8. You will get $0.25.

poll pay invite code bonus

How to Share Poll Pay Invite Code & Earn:

1. Open the Poll Pay app and scroll down till you find the option as shown in the image below:
poll pay invite friends

2. Now share your referral code with your friends

poll pay invite code

4. You will earn 15% of your friends’ earnings.

5. Your friends will get $0.25 when they enter your invitation code.

6. You can invite unlimited number of friends.

How to Earn Money with Poll Pay App:

  1. Open the app.
  2. In the Survey tab find the Available Surveys app.
    poll pay surveys
  3.  You will be able to see the reward and time it would take to complete the survey.
  4. Click START to start the surveys.
  5. Complete the survey.

How to Withdraw Money from Poll Pay:

1. Open the app and go to the Payout tab.

2. Select the PayPal gift card.
3. Select the amount you want to redeem.

poll pay paypal cash
4. A Transaction Fee of $0.50 will be charged. So if you want to redeem $5 you need at least $5.50 in your account. The transaction fee remains that same no matter the amount you want to withdraw. So even if you want to redeem $50 you would only need $50.50 in your wallet.

Payment Proof

Up till now I have redeemed more than $350 From Poll Pay app and always received the payment within 1 minute. You can view the payment proof below and judge it for your self that this app is not a scam and very much legit.
poll pay payment proof

Features of Poll Pay App

Passive Income: Poll Pay is a great app for influencer who want to earn passive income. Because you can invite a lot of users to the Poll Pay platform. And since the app is available for Android, iOS and can even be accessed through PC there no boundaries.
You will earn 15% of whatever your referrals earn by completing surveys. However, you will not get any commission from your friends referral income.
Fast Withdrawals: There are an only handful of earning and survey apps that transfer your earnings to your account almost instantly. Poll Pay is one of them. Once you have placed a withdrawal request the money will be sent to your PayPal account within 5 minutes. Sometimes even faster than that.
Worldwide Availability: The Poll Pay survey platform is available for users around the globe. So matter where you live you will be able to earn money using this app. It also increases the potential of referral earnings. As there is regional limit. You can refer users from anywhere in the world.
A lot of Surveys: Although there are many factors that determine the number of surveys that a person gets on Poll Pay. But in general there is hardly any shortage of surveys on this app. But the secret to getting as many surveys as possible is by doing the qualification surveys. These are special surveys based on which you will be offered more surveys.

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