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[Proof]Qeeda Game Referral Code[62m08636] | Get ₹20 Bonus | Play Games Win Money

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qeeda game referral code

Qeeda referral code is 62m08636, download qeeda app. Qeeda is an android app for Indian users that allows you to win paytm cash by playing games and joining contests for Free Fire. This isn’t the first Paytm cash app that I have reviewed here. Browse CashMentis and you will find a whole bunch of more apps to earn extra money from.

Now let’s get back to Qeeda app.

How to Get Rs. 20 with Qeeda Referral Code:

1. First, download the Qeeda app from the website.
2. Open the app and tap on Register

qeeda app register

3. Now enter your name, email address, password, and this Qeeda referral code: 62m08636

qeeda referral code

4. Now use your credentials to log in

5. Tap on Accept and Continue to accept the terms and conditions and continue using the app.

6. You will get Rs. 20 bonus:

qeeda game referral code

Qeeda Referral Program:

qeeda referral code

  • You can share your Qeeda referral code with your friends and earn Rs. 10 
  • For every person that enters your referral code, you both get ₹10. 
  • This is actually a great way to earn because your friends will also get Rs. 20(₹10 sign up and ₹10 referral bonus) when they enter your referral code. They have a reason.
You can enter this referral code to get Rs. 20 bonus: 62m08636.

Note: Currently there is no refer script or mod apk. So don’t waste your time.

Win Money in Qeeda Contests:

There are various contests on Qeeda Game that you can participate in to win huge amounts of money. Read carefully.
  1. Select a Category of contest.- Jokes, Quotes, and Poetry.
  2. Now create creative content based on the category of the contest. For example if you join poetry contest you can create Poems.
  3. After it has been approved by Qeeda it will be visible to other users.
  4. Now to win cash prizes, you have to get more likes on your post before the contest ends. You can check your won prize and rank under the leaderboard section.
qeeda game contests

How to Earn with Qeeda App:


Yes, you can play games and win paytm cash.
Here’s how it works:
  1. You join 1 of the 3 apps
  2. Join a battle by paying the entry fee. You can use the referral bonus you got for using the invite code.
  3. Now play against the player and score higher than him to win the money. A percentage of the money will be kept by Qeeda as platform fee.
You can only play against live players. 
qeeda game tournaments

First, join the low entry fee battles so you can get better at the game pick one of the 3 games that you are going to continue playing. If you focus on more than one game you might not get better at any one of them. And if that happens you might lose your money instead of winning.

Of course playing games is fun and all but still, the games aren’t all that addictive that you can play for fun. You have to play for money and winning.
You can also join “tournaments”  and play unlimited times until the tournament ends and only your high score affects your rank.

You can play Qeeda Game only on Android.

Withdraw Money From Qeeda:

You can withdraw your winnings to your paytm wallet. Only your winnings though, your referral bonus can only be used to battle against other players or join tournaments.
You need a minimum of Rs.70 to request a withdrawal.

You can also transfer your earnings to any bank account.

To add Bank Account:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to the Profile section.
  3. Select Bank Account.
  4. Click Add new bank account.
  5. Enter the required details.
  6. Now you will be able to withdraw to a bank.
  7. Go to My Wallet and tap Withdraw.
    qeeda game withdrawal
  8. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and tap Withdraw.

Qeeda Game Payment Proof:

qeeda payment proof

qeeda game payment proof


You can also use your Qeeda coins to shop online.

Qeeda Game Customer Service:

You can contact the support staff of Qeeda app through this email:

Qeeda Customer Care Number: 9205772561
Make sure to apply this Qeeda referral code 62m08636 and get bonus cash on sign up.

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