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Rummy 000 Apk, Rummy 000 Download | ₹51 Bonus

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Rummy 000, Rummy 000 Apk, Rummy 000 Download- This is a new rummy app that has been launched along with two latest rummy applications- Rummy Jai and Dhan Rummy that were launched by the same company that owned the otherwise famous teen patti baaz app that has been shut down.

Friends, you can earn a lot of money by playing real cash games in this brand new rummy application. This app has many wonderful features. Here, you might easily make a tonne of additional money each day for free. By utilising fantastic features like the VIP Bonus, Weekly Card Bonus, Monthly Bonus Card, and First Recharge Bonus, you may obtain free bonuses here. Rummy 000 can be quite helpful if you’re considering making money online in addition to playing the game. which are available on our website.

While many Indians like playing Rummy with their friends, gamers from all over the world prefer playing Teen Patti at home with strangers. You will need to play online games in order to keep current, though, as we now live in the era of online gaming.

About Rummy 000 Apk

App NameRummy 000
Refer and Earn₹100
Official WebsiteRummyAllApp.Com
Rummy 000 Apk DownloadApk Link

Download Rummy 000 App

Friends you need to download this new rummy application is you want to install it on your phone. You already know that you first need to download the apk file on your phone and then install it. This is how the installation process of the Android operating system works. You also have to enable some settings and remove restrictions so that you can install third-party apps.

How to Sign up in Rummy 000

To sign up in the rummy application you need to have a mobile number. It is impossible to register or use the app without a mobile number because the app does not provide a guest login option. You cannot login with your Facebook or Google account either. So it is necessary to have a mobile number that is able to receive messages to start using this app.

  1. Download the apk file and install the app on your phone.
  2. Open the app and login.
  3. To login with your mobile number you need to enter your details.
  4. After you have entered the details, submit them, and on the next screen enter the OTP.

Rummy 000 Referral Income

Friends, Rummy 000 apk has made it possible for you to earn money from your friends.It is possible because the app is offering you a commission on your friends’ gameplay. The refer and earn program does not offer you any reward for just inviting new users. You will only earn when they play games in the app.

  1. Open the 000 RUmmy app.
  2. Tap Refer and Earn.
  3. Copy and share your referral link.
  4. You will start earning commission immediately. You can earn an unlimited number of users to the app and earn money.

The commission is added to your account every day at midnight. You will be able to withdraw this money as well. So friends, you can redeem your game winnings and referral commission. The referral income can be withdrawn to your bank account after you have saved the details. The minimum withdrawal amount in this rummy app is ₹100. You can withdraw money to your bank account after you have enter your bank account details or your UPI address.

Weekly Bonus in Rummy 000 Apk

As I said in the introduction of the app that it has a lot of earning features that make it a lucrative app for you guys. The weekly bonus is such a feature for the agents of the app that will increase your commission a 100%. How it works is by offering you more bonus by calculating a weekly reward that will be available to claim every week on Monday.

There some restrictions though. Because they can’t just offer rewards to every agent that is referring users to the app. The bonus is the same as the lower limit of the referral income as shown in the weekly bonus chart.

How to Withdraw Money From Rummy 000

You can redeem money from the app to your bank account. It makes it very easy to withdraw your money from the app. There are a few things that come in mind when we are discussing the withdrawal process. For each withdrawal you have to enter the amount you want to withdraw and the withdraw amount has to be more than ₹100.

For every withdrawal, you need at least ₹100 in your account balance or more.

Once you have saved your withdrawal details you will not be able to change them yourself. Like I said you can withdraw your money through UPI or Bank transfer. So you can save two details for your withdrawals and future withdrawals. That means if you want to withdraw your money to two bank accounts.

But if you still want to redeem your money to a bank account whose details have not been saved you can contact customer care instead. It might take some time for the customer care to change the details or they might not change it. So you will have to make sure the need of that never arises.

Steps For Withdrawal

  1. Open the app on your phone by tapping on the icon.
  2. Then observe and make sure that your account balance is sufficient.
  3. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹100.
  4. Now enter your UPI address and name.
  5. Then enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit.

Rummy 000 Customer Care

Customer care is an important feature of any rummy of gaming application. Because this helps anyone who is using the app to solve their problems. It also helps top have someone to explain various features and navigation options in the app. The customer care in the app is easy to contact through WhatsApp and Telegram.

Rummy 000 APK FAQs

What is the latest version of this rummy app?

There is no need for you to worry about the latest version of Rummy 000 Apk because the link I have provided in Cashmentis is the latest version of the app. You can simply click on the link and then download the apk and not think about the version at all. Because the version that you download will be the latest version.

How to download the Rummy 000 Apk?

It is not difficult if you are looking to download the apk. I have written this article for the reason that you could download the app easily.

What is the sign-up bonus amount in Rummy 000?


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