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Rummy Modern App Download: ₹51, Teen Patti Modern | Rummy Model

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Rummy Modern app download, Rummy modern apk, Rummy Modern, Rummy Model, Teen Patti Modern. Rummy Modern is the best app where you can play Rummy and earn real cash. This real money gaming app has been launched by MYCLOCK TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED.

rummy modern apk download

One of the most attractive features of Rummy Modern is the sign up bonus. Because when you sign up on the Rummy Modern app you will get Rs. 51. While most Paytm cash earning games only let you use a percentage of the sign up bonus, this app allows you to use the sign bonus without any limitations.

It has multiple games that you can choose from. Some require skill some luck. Most of the games are card and casino based like Rummy, Poker, Teen Patti and more.

Rummy Modern Apk Download & Get Rs. 41 Instantly

1. Click the download link below and download the Rummy Modern apk.


2. Install the apk file and open the app.

3. Now register with your mobile number.

4. After you have bonded your phone number Rs. 40 will be credited to your account immediately.

rummy modern app sign up bonus

Rummy Modern Apk Dragon vs Tiger Tournament

The new Dragon vs Tiger Tournament is going to launch in the Modern Rummy soon. The Tournament has huge prize pool. You can join one of the tournaments and join it for free. You can claim ticket according to your wagers or you can but tickets for 100 credits.

1. Open the app and select the Dragon vs Tiger tournament.

2. Now register for the tournament.

3. Now wait for the tournament.

Tournament Details

There are 1-3 tourneys each day which require registration with the ticket.

If the registered number is less than required, the tourney will be canceled and the ticket will be returned.

How to get the tickets

  1. Claim your tournament ticket in the Tournament Ticket Center upon your wagers in Dragon vs Tiger game twice a day.
  2. You can buy the ticket when registering for the tourney.
  3. You can acquire it via other activities.

Ticket Rules

  1. There is an expiry date for each ticket. Use the ticket before it expires.
  2. If the tourney is canceled, the ticket will be returned.

After the registration phase, the tourney will enter 3 minutes Ready state. You can enter the tourney now and wait for up to 3 minutes and then the tourney will start.

Bet Limit

  1. There is Min. bet limit each game round. If you don’t bet enough, the system will automatically bet for you according to your last bet area.
  2. There is also Max. bet limit each game round.
  3. At the beginning of each round, the chips of the players will be set to all the same.
  4. The chips in the tourney can only be used in the tourney.

Game Rounds

  1. There are 3 rounds for each tourney. And each round contains 10 game turns.
  2. After 3 rounds, the tourney ends.
  3. If all other players lose, the final one player will be the top 1.
  4. If the number of players is not enough for round 1 or round 2, the tourney will go directly to round 3.

Lose Rules

  1. When the chip is 0, the player loses.
  2. Only the top x players will enter the next round. The x is determined dynamically each round.

Ranking Rules

  1. If the player loses in the middle of the game, the position will remain in the rank.
  2. If the player completes all 3 rounds, the position in the ranking will be determined according to the chips the player has.
  3. The earlier the register, the higher the ranking position is if the two players have the same position.

Award Rules

  1. The awards will be delivered after the tourney to your inbox email in the game app. Please remember to check it.

Quit Rules

  1. The ticket will NOT be returned if the tourney is running.
  2. If the player quit by himself/herself, there will be no award even if the position is in the scope of award position range.

Please contact the customer support if there is any doubt.

The final interpretation right of this competition belongs to us.

Rummy Teen Patti Modern App Referral Program

  • You can share your referral link with your friends and earn a commission every time they play a cash game.
  • You will earn 30% of the profit that Rummy Modern earns from your referrals.
  • Your friends will also get Rs. 40 on sign-up just like you did.
  • Make sure your friend downloads the Rummy Modern app through your referral link.

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Rummy Modern Apk: Weekly Referral Bonus

rummy modern apk weekly bonus

You can earn extra cash rewards every week just by referring your friends. The more cash games your referrals play the more money you will earn.

For example, if you earn Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 from your referrals, you will get extra Rs. 500.

What is Weekly Bonus and How to Claim it?

Weekly bonus is a bonus that is given to agents who earn more than ₹1000 as referral commission from their referrals.

  1. Open the app and click on Refer and Earn.
  2. Now click on Weekly Bonus.
  3. Hit the Claim button.
  4. Whatever bonus you had available to claim will be added to your account.

Progress Bonus in Rummy Model Apk

Progress Bonus is something that will help you more money from the refer and earn agent system. You have the chance to earn extra bonus when your current weeks total bonus exceeds your last weeks total bonus. Similar to Weekly Bonus, Progress Bonus is also only given to users who have added ₹500 more to their account.

rummy modern progress bonus

Rummy Modern: Available Games:

There are a lot of games that you can play on the Rummy Modern app. For each separate game resources need to be downloaded. So before you play any game, you will need to download the resources for the game.

  • Rummy
  • Poker
  • Teen Patti
  • Tiger vs Dragon
  • Teen Patti 20-20
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Point Rummy
  • Wingo
  • Andar Bahar Pro
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Car Roulette
  • Andar Bahar and more.

The games that you just read about are just the tip of the ice-berg there are over 25 games that is available in this single app. Rummy Modern apk also has cricket prediction games for popular series like World Cup and ICC tournaments. So watch out for those events.

Rummy Modern Apk Withdrawal Details

  • You can withdraw your winnings and referral earnings to your bank account via UPI or direct bank transfer.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 100.
  • There is no need to verify your account(KYC) to withdraw money from Rummy Modern app.
  • All withdrawal requests are processed within 5 minutes.
  • You can withdraw multiple times in a day.

What is the Customer Care Number For Rummy Modern?

The Rummy Modern customer can be reached on the number below:

What is the Difference Between Rummy Modern and Rummy Model Apk?

There is none. Many people are getting confused by the name of this app and in that confusion search for “Rummy Model”. But the truth is that there is no rummy application that is named as Rummy Model. You might have heard someone call this app “Rummy Modern” and just heard it as “Rummy Model”.

Is Teen Patti Modern Different From Rummy Modern?

No. Both these apps are the same and refer to the same app- Rummy Modern. Like I mentioned above since Modern Rummy Apk also has the Teen Patti game people get confused and in that confusion think that the name of the app should include the word “Teen Patti”.

But that is not the case. The true name of this app is Rummy Modern.

Rummy Modern App Review

Latest Apk 2.8.6 Rummy Modern apk is one of the best real money earning games in India that has a lot of games that you can play every days and earn thousands.

Rummy Modern is a great money earning game for users who want to experience real money games without investment.

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