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Rummy Posh APK Download- ₹65 Bonus | Posh Rummy

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Posh Rummy apk, Rummy Posh- This is the latest rummy application that you can download and get an assured ₹50 bonus. You are free to use this bonus in any game. But the one thing that you might not like about this app is exactly that- the number of games. You will be surprised to know that there are only 3 games that you can play in the Rummy Posh app. The app screenshot after registration is given below.

rummy posh apk

But if you are a player of Rummy game you won’t be disappointed as that game is still available within the app. The other two apps are Teen Patti and Slots.

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Although I can’t promise that the app is real or fake. Because there is no other way to verify that without investing my own money. That is also the reason why I ask you that you add money to the app at your own risk because things can go south at any time. You are the one who is responsible for the money that you deposit. So make sure that you can do so without any regrets.

What is Rummy Posh Apk?

rummy posh apk download

3A Rummy apk also known as Rummy Posh is an earning application. This is a new app where you can play games and earn money. This app has been launched by AGILEDEV PRIVATE LIMITED. It has more than one game that users can play to win money. The Point Rummy game is something that you must be familiar with if you know anything about rummy and were searching for new rummy apps.

As you might have noticed the company behind the Rummy GOGO app and Rummy Posh are the same. Both of these apps are new and there is not much difference between the two. The only thing that has been changed is the color of the app and logo, nothing else.

Rummy Posh Apk Review

Rummy Posh is a new game application. It is an earning application for Indian users. The launch date is unknown but I found about this app yesterday and decided to share it with you guys.

It is the same as Rummy GoGo.

How to Get Maximum Bonus in Rummy App?

rummy posh apk

I will help you get the most amount that anyone can get as a sign-up bonus. So it will help you later on in the app without having to get anything else. You will get more than ₹50 sign-up bonus. This bonus amount will be added to your account after you sign up. Now you must be wondering how can you sign up?

rummy posh sign up

Well let me tell you that it is very easy to sign up in the Rummy Posh app. You just have to enter your mobile number password and OTP.

The OTP will be sent to your mobile number after you request it. To request OTP tap the OTP button in the left side of the OTPO field. After you have entered your mobile number you can request for OTP. After a few seconds, the Posh Rummy apk will send you a 6 digit OTP. You have to enter this OTP and then click the Register button to finish the sign-up.

Games to Play in Rummy Posh App

As stated before, there are only three games in this rummy app. You can see all the games in the screenshot below:

rummy posh games

Rummy Posh APK Referral Program to Earn Money

How can we forget the refer and earn program? Because I know some users only want to earn money from the commission system. The commission that this app offers is also good because you will be able to earn commission from your referrals. You will earn a commission from your referrals that deposit money and play games.

So you will earnings will only come from the referrals that recharge. If you were thinking that you will be able to earn money by creating multiple accounts then that won’t happen.

  1. Open the app and head to the Referral Bonus section of the app. For this, you need to click on the Referral Bonus button. This button is located in the bottom left corner.
  2. Copy and share your referral link.
  3. Invite as many users to the app as you can.
  4. The more friends you have as referrals the more your commission is going to be.
  5. Your commission will not be added to your account in real-time. But it will be added to your referral which you can withdraw separately.

You will be able to withdraw your referral earnings. But for that you first need to claim the referral earnings so that the balance is added to your wallet. And from the wallet of the app money can be redeemed.

Difference Between Rummy Posh and Rummy Gogo

There is not any difference between these two apps. Both the apps come from the same company and offer the same number games, same features and the same withdrawal procedure. You will also earn the bonus amount by referring your friends. Adn as you might have noticed the sign up bonus is also the same in both the apps.

Rummy Posh APK FAQs

How to sign up in the Rummy Posh APK?

The steps that you need to follow to get your account readu before you can play games on the Rummy Posh app is given below:

  1. Download the Rummy Posh app.
  2. Install the app and register with your mobile number. You might be asked for OTP for mobile number verification.
  3. Then you will immediately get the sign up bonus.

How much is the bonus amount that is given after sign up in Posh Rummy apk?

In the Rummy Posh app you can receive a sign up bonus of ₹50. You shouldn’t trust anyone who says that you will get a bonus amount that is more than ₹50.

How much is the minimum withdrawal amount in this rummy app?


How Can I redeem money from the Rummy Posh apk?

You can withdraw money to your bank account. For that you will have to save your bank account details and then select the amount you want to withdraw.

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