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Rummy Rafael APK Download | ₹51 Bonus | New Rummy App

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Rummy Rafael APK Download, Rummy Rafael app download. One of the most attractive features of Rummy Rafael is the sign up bonus. Because when you sign up on the Rummy Rafael app you will get Rs. 40. While most Paytm cash earning games only let you use a percentage of the sign up bonus, this app allows you to use the sign bonus without any limitations.

rummy rafael apk download
Rummy Rafael is a the latest rummy and teen patti app where the users have the opportunity to earn money for free. That’s right you can earn money real money for free on this rummy app. So how does it work and how is it possible to earn money without investment on such an app.

The sign up process is really simple and if you have ever used a Teen Patti app that I have shared on then you won’t have any trouble signing up and binding your mobile number. To sign up on the Rafael Rummy app and claim your bonus you just have to install the APK file through the given link and open it.

Rummy Rafael APK Download & Get ₹51

  1. Download and install the Rummy Rafael app
  2. Open the app and you will get ₹5.
  3. Now go to your profile and click Bound.
  4. Now enter your mobile number, password and OTP to bind.
  5. You will get ₹51 instantly.
Note: The app will launch this week.

Rummy Rafael App Games

  1. Ludo
  2. IPL
  3. Dragon vs Tiger
  4. Car Roulette
  5. Zoo Roulette
  6. 7 Up Dow
  7. Baccarat
  8. Black Jack
  9. Teen Patti
  10. Rummy
  11. Crash
  12. Fantasy Sports
  13. Roulette
  14. 10 Cards
  15. Andar Bahar
  16. Variation
  17. Teen Patti 20-20
  18. Best of Five
  19. Fruit Line
  20. Poker
  21. Fishing Rush
  22. 3 Card Poker

How to Play the IPL Game on Rummy Rafael

Now Play IPL game on These Apps(Match और Toss का winner predict करो और पैसे जीतो)
How to Play:
  • 1. Select the IPL Game
  • 2. Predict the Toss Winner or Match Winner
  • 3. Enter the Bet Amount
  • 4. Tap Place Bets
👍❤️commission to the referrer out of the stake no matter the sub-players win or lose
💰💰💰For example, the subordinate bets 1000RS in IPL, and the superior draws 20 RS

Rummy Rafael Refer & Earn

You can get your own unique referral link by filling in your details alongside. If your friends and follower use this link to open an account with Rummy Rafael app then you will earn 30% of the tax amount of their winnings.
rummy nabob refer and earn
Your friends will also get Rs. 51 bonus on sign up.
    1) Click on refer and earn.
    2) Copy your referral link.
    3) Send to your friend via WhatsApp facebook, telegram etc.
    4) Your friends will receive Rs. 51 once they verify their mobile number.
    5) You will earn a commission every time they win money playing any of the games.

More Referral Income

Your friends’ tax amount commission is just one of the ways you can earn money there are many other types of rewards that you can get by referring friends. So there is a lot of money that you can earn just by sharing your referral code/link with your friends and family.

Weekly Bonus

You can earn weekly bonus if your referral income during the last week was ₹1000 or more. The reward will be available to be claimed on Monday and you can claim it from the Refer and Earn section.
Note: You must be a VIP 1 user to receive weekly bonus.

Progress Bonus

This is another reward if you earn more referral commission this week then the last week.

Rummy Rafael VIP:

You can become a VIP 1 or higher level user of the Rummy Rafael apk and earn more bonus rewards. The VIP users can claim various bonuses including:
  • Sign in Bonus
  • Weekly Bonus
  • Monthly Bonus
  • Level Bonus

How to Become a VIP

  1. Open the Rummy Rafael app and click on the VIP icon.
  2. Tap Buy.
  3. Now select a chip pack of ₹500.
  4. Tap Add Chip.
  5. Now proceed to make the payment.
  6. After you complete the payment you will become VIP 1 user.

How to Withdraw Money To Bank Account

rummy rafael withdraw
  1. Open the Rummy Rafael app
  2. Tap Withdraw button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Now you have two options Chips to UPI or Chips to Bank.
  4. Tap the +Add icon.
  5. Now enter your bank account details if you select Bank and UPI details if you selected Chips to UPI
  6. Save the details(you won’t be able to change it later).
  7. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from the app.
  8. Tap Withdraw.

Rummy Rafael App(FAQ)

Does Rummy Rafael App Pay?
We don’t know yet. As the app has just been launched and I haven’t had the money to withdraw from it.
Is Rummy Rafael APK Safe?
Yes it is safe.
How Can I Withdraw My Winnings?
You can withdraw your winnings and referral earnings via UPI or Bank transfer. Just follow the steps below.
  1. रमी नोबल(Rummy Rafael) ऐप खोलें
  2. स्क्रीन के निचले भाग में विदड्रॉ बटन पर टैप करें
  3. अब आपके पास दो विकल्प हैं Chips to UPI या Chips to Bank।
  4. +जोड़ें आइकन टैप करें।
  5. यदि आपने बैंक और यूपीआई विवरण का चयन किया है तो अब अपना बैंक खाता विवरण दर्ज करें यदि आपने यूपीआई के लिए चिप्स का चयन किया है
  6. विवरण सहेजें (आप इसे बाद में बदल नहीं पाएंगे)।
  7. वह राशि दर्ज करें जिसे आप ऐप से निकालना चाहते हैं।
  8. निकासी टैप करें।
Rummy Rafael App is Paid ?
No, Rummy Rafael App is not paid this is totally free app to use and you can earn money without investing as well.
Can i use 100% Bonus ?
Yes, you can use 100% bonus or you can also withdraw the bonus that you earn by inviting your friends. You will not have to play games you can directly withdraw your referral income.

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