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Rummy VS APK Download, New Rummy VS App | ₹51 Bonus

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Rummy VS APK- RummyVS is an online betting game where you can play many betting games and win prizes in the form of coins. There are a lot of cool features about Rummy VS. One incredible perk that you avail is that you can also win coins in Rummy VS by sharing the link of Rummy VS with others. 

rummy vs apk

Another benefit that Rummy VS provides is that you can also store your coins in a safe provided within Rummy VS app so that you do not have to write the exact amount you wish to withdraw because you have already kept the coins that you want to save in the safe.

One more underrated feature about Rummy VS is that you can also avail yourself bonuses in Rummy VS. There are different types of bonuses that you can get. One bonus is the YouTube bonus where you can convert your views into coins and these coins are automatically added to your account. One more bonus that is available for a short period is the Independence Day bonus, where you can have an opportunity to earn millions of rupees, but that is dependent on certain conditions and your luck as well. The Independence Day bonus is only active till the 15th of August, so you better hurry and download Rummy VS to avail of this bonus as soon as possible.

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Rummy VS App Review

Another bonus that Rummy VS provides is the cashback bonus in which it recoups any of your losses marginally every day provided that you lose more than five hundred coins. There is a rebate program in VS Rummy whereby if you win bets of over a hundred rupees, you are subject to receiving a small number of coins at the end of the day. 

There is also the VIP Program accessible to all the players. You can upgrade your VIP Level starting from one and ending at the twentieth level. By buying the VIP, you are automatically subject to receive weekly, and monthly bonus coins, and the more your level, the more will be bonus coins that you receive every week and month. Associated with the VIP program is the VIP relief funds that will be accessible to you provided that your VIP Level is two and above. The relief funds are added to your account in the event that you lose a lot of coins in a single day.

Another noteworthy characteristic this app provides is that you can also purchase coins in Rummy VS with your real money. At a first glance, it may seem like a waste of your money, but in actuality, there is a hundred percent guarantee that your total coins in Rummy VS app will increase even though the increase is only marginal. For instance, if you buy 500 coins with your INR, your total coins will increase by 10 to 511. This is a very nice feature, especially for those people who have a bit of money to spare and are not willing to grind through the games to earn these coins. 

Rummy VS APK Latest Version Download

App NameRummy VS
Rummy VS APK Size22 MB
Rummy VS APK Version1.0.8
Rummy VS APK Download

About the Rummy Vs APK

rummy vs apk download

RummyVS is an Indian iteration of the classic card games, with variations from the international version. It is an application that allows you to compete with millions of people worldwide online from any place in the world, and at any time. 

The game can be played in two languages- English and Hindi. There is a diverse range of games that you can encounter in this application, from retro shooting games that resemble the old-style 2D shooting games like Duel of the Sea King, Deep Sea Awakening to Roulette which has a lot of variations in Rummy VS like the War Roulette, Car Roulette, and the Zoo Roulette. 

You can also send prizes and awards to your friends and you get to even chat with them in this application. An enormous benefit of using this app as opposed to the other apps operating in the same niche is that it works really efficiently and effectively on even a slow Internet connection. It will surprise you that this app can even work well even on 2G. The Rummy VS app goes through constant updates and the app developers frequently add new games and different variations of the same game.

The user interface of Rummy VS is convenient and easy to grasp even for people who do not usually play video games. It is convenient because the game developers have added visually stunning graphics and vibrant colors, which are visible in all areas of the application.

What is The Sign-Up Process to Get Bonus in Rummy VS APK

rummy vs apk sign up

There are two ways through which you play Rummy VS. One option is that you play as a guest. This option is actually helpful in the sense that Rummy VS provides you an opportunity to experience the game without you providing important information. Playing as a guest allows you to judge the quality of your game, before placing your trust in Rummy VS by providing your personal information.

Once you deem Rummy VS to be trustworthy, you can then log in to Rummy VS. In order to log in, you need to quit the game and start it again so that you reach the menu of Rummy VS. In the opening menu, there are options, one is to play as a guest and another option is to click on the log on button. After you select that option, a pop-up will be displayed asking for your number, the one-time password that you receive for the verification of your number and setting a minimum 6-character password with one uppercase character, one lowercase character, and a number.

Reward Per Referral in VS Rummy

After you go through this process, you have successfully logged in to the game. As a reward for sign up, you obtain 40 free coins from Rummy VS. You can also customize your profile by changing your name, profile picture, or even changing your password. For the profile picture, you are provided with a number of animated characters, and you can choose anyone you desire. The game also provides the option of changing the background portrait of your profile image with a range of colours and designs at your disposal.

How To Earn Money by Inviting Friends to Rummy VS APK?

The game also provides you with the option of distributing the link of the game to your friends. This option can be accessed by the players from the dashboard page of the game. There is a refer and earn icon at the bottom of the page and you have to select that option.

Once you open that option, a square-shaped box will appear on your screen, providing you all the details about referring and earning. Five categories are displayed in the box. The first category is the steps section, the second is the referrals part, the third is the members’ section, the fourth category is my bonuses section, and the fifth is the bonus record section.

In the steps section, the first step provides information about the invitation bonus, which the bonus is offered to you after your friends complete their registration. The second step mentions the commission that you will receive based on the win and loss ratio of your friends. The final step mentions that you are subject to receiving an invitation bonus every time you refer a new friend. 

The referrals section displays your friend’s bonus history, counting both today’s bonus and the total bonus. The member’s section showcases the number of friends you have referred successfully to Rummy VS. The My bonus category displays your bonus history and the dates on which you have received these bonuses. The bonus record section shows the time it has taken for each bonus to be received by you and the bonus amount.

What is The Money Withdrawal Process in Rummy VS?

The money withdrawal process of Rummy VS is not too complicated and easy for anyone to grasp. In the dashboard page of this application, there is a withdrawal icon at the bottom. You have to tap on that icon and the withdrawal page will appear. This page displays two ways through which you withdraw your money. You can either transfer the cash to UPI or transfer the cash to your respective bank.

In the former option, you have to enter your UPI username and UPI address, and the transfer will happen within a few minutes. In the latter, you have to enter your username, bank account number, bank name and IFSC Code. After you enter these details, your money will be transferred to your bank account. In order to see your withdrawal history, there is a history icon at the bottom of the withdrawal page, where you can observe your withdrawal history.

One aspect about the money withdrawal process that will make you relish this app is that there is no transfer fee whatsoever and the withdrawal process is absolutely free.

Important Information About Rummy VS Apk

When was Rummy VS Launched?This rummy app was launched in August 2022
How much bonus can I get on sign up?Currently, the sign up bonus is ₹41
Can I earn money by inviting friends to Rummy Sir?Yes, you can. For more details about the referral program scroll up to the refer and earn section of the article.
Can I withdraw money to Paytm?No. Only UPI and IMPS transfers are available
How much is the minimum withdrawal amount in Rummy VS?From the Rummy Vs app you can withdraw ₹110 – ₹50000.

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