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Snapy Collect Referral Code: XDRCRQWP | Download Apk | Refer & Earn 100 Points

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snapy collect app

Snapy Collect Referral Code: XDRCRQWP

Snapy Collect is a new Android app where you can earn rewards by snapping and submitting images.

Download Snapy Collect App:

The snapy collect app is available on the Google Play store. Tap the link below and you will be taken there. Then click and Install to download and install the apk.

How to Earn Money on Snapy Collect App:

1. Open the app and swipe through the introduction.
2. Now enter your mobile number and tap Next.
3. Enter the OTP to verify your number.
4. Fill the form. Enter this referral code to get 100 points: 
5. Now snap pictures of kitchen objects, laptops, fruits, vegetables, home furniture, or anything.
6. Provide the correct name for the image and submit it.
7. Wait for the image to be approved. It can take up to 1 week for your image to be approved. 
For each approved image you will earn 1 point.
Image Rejections:
  • Blurred images will be rejected.
  • A specific focused image will be approved.
  • Personal(selfie, other people) images will be rejected.
  • Images from other sources(downloaded, screenshots, etc) will be rejected.
  • Object label(name) must be correct or nearby similar.

How to Refer & Earn:

Snapy Collect app also allows you to earn 100 referral bonus points by inviting friends.
1. Open the app and tap Profile.
2. Tap Share to share your referral code with your friends including download link.
snapy collect referral code
3. You will earn 100 referral bonus points per user.
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