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Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

hello guys to kaise hain aap sab? This is a special post because this is going to be talking about one of the best Rummy apps with ₹51 bonus and Teen Patti apps that has ever been launched. The name of the app is Teen Patti Baaz and one of the best things that I like about this app is that when you bind your mobile number you will get rupees 51. As you might be aware that this is not any special there are many apps that are offering rupees 51 on sign up and Teen Patti Baaz is just one of them.

teen patti baaz app download

making money online by playing games is not easy that it is very competitive and people are since risking their real money they have to be very skillled. Place to you if you really want to make many online by playing games on apps like Teen Patti Baaz. Then you should be skilled enough to play those games.

Now you must be one of those people who are looking for new Rummy apps everyday or every month because they want the sign up bonus. If you are one of them I would recommend that you stop it and just find one app and play games on that app alone.

Teen Patti Baaz Download

App NameTeen Patti Baaz, Rummy Baaz
Update June 2022
Teen Patti Baaz APK DownloadDownload Link

Teen Patti Baaz Overview in Hindi

teen patti baaz download
Teen Patti Baaz

मुझे पता है कि आप सभी लेवी पैसे कमाना चाहते हैं? बेटी गेम खेल के इस जानकारी के मुताबिक मैंने एक New Teen Patti App के बारे में लिखने का सोचा है और उसी app के बारे में मैं आपको अभी बताने जा रहा हूँ। तो इस ऐप का नाम है Teen Patti Baaz / Rummy Baaz। यह बहुत ही फेमस ऐप्लिकेशन है, जिससे। मैंने भी ₹1000 भी ड्रॉ किए हैं और रेग्युलरली मैं इस पे गेम खेल रहा हूँ। आप चाहे तो आप भी इस पर गेम खेल सकते हैं और। सच्ची के पैसे कमा सकते हैं। अगर sign up की बात करूँ तो इसको आप साइन अप कर सकते हैं। अपने नंबर को बाइंड कर के और बाइंड करने के साथ ही आपको। ₹51 का बोनस मिलता है। इस बोनस को आप किसी भी तरह यूज़ कर सकते हैं। ये आपकी मर्जी है, चाहे गेम खेले, चाहे हारें चाहे जीतें। लेकिन अगर आप रेफरल कमीशन कमा लेते हैं तो ये ₹51 आपका withdraw भी हो जाता है। 

Teen Patti Baaz Review

teen patti baaz sign up bonus

So this is my personal review of The Teen Patti Baaz. Is based on my experience and you should take it like that as well you are experience might be different than my that also means that whatever I say in this review you should not take it for granted as everyone’s experience is different and the way you use the app may be different and how you are treated from the customer care may be different.

So start by when I registered on the app was a few months ago and starting using it to promote on my blog to earn commission from the referrals. When is it went smooth for a few months but then they recently had frozen my account on the basis that I was asking them to remove the wages that was clearly and unfair.

but obviously there is used to do so and instead close my account but recently they also unlock my account should that’s a good thing but you should be aware of one thing about this Teen Patti Baaz app and that is that day will advej to your account when you try to withdraw or if you are trying to on commission by reference then you should be ready to complete the wagers as they will always be there.

Rummy Baaz Commission From Referrals

teen patti baaz referral commisison

Earning commission from referrals in the Teen Patti Baaz is one of the best things that you can do as a YouTuber or a blogger. Because the amounts of commission that you can earn from your referred users is unlimited. I know some users who are earning up to 1 lakh just as referral commission from the app.

How to Refer Users to Teen Patti Baaz App

  1. The simplest and first step is that you install the apk file after downloading it from here.
  2. After you have done that make sure you bind your mobile number to receive the maximum bonus.
  3. Then finally you will be assigned a unique referral link that only you can share.
  4. Now go to Refer and Earn. This section of the app can be accessed by clicking on the button in the left corner.
  5. Tap share and your referral link will be copied to your clipboard.
  6. If you want to share the referral link ti your friends via Facebook or WhatsApp click on the respective button.

Weekly Bonus in Teen Patti Baaz

Weekly Bonus is additional bonus that agents can earn by earning referral commission during a week which is more than ₹1000. So as long as your total weekly commission is more than ₹1000 you are eligible for the weekly bonus.

Progress Bonus in Baaz Teen Patti App?

Progress is bonus was added to the app so that agents who work hard can get more rewards. If you are wondering “how” then let me explain.

Progress bonus is given to those agents who are able to increase their weekly commission. So if your commission last week was ₹5000 but this week you earned more than ₹5500 than you can claim progress bonus.

Withdrawing Money From Teen Patti Baaz App

Obviously you would want to redeem your money that you have accumulated after playing games on the app. But now the question is how can you withdraw money? And do you have to submit your PAN card or other documents for verification?

Well the simple answer is that you can withdraw money from the teen patti baaz app without any account verification.

FAQ(s) Related to Withdrawal:

What is the minimum withdrawal amount in Teen Patti Baaz?


How can I withdraw my game winnings?

You can withdraw via UPI or direct bank account transfer.

Is there any charges on withdrawals?


What is the maximum withdrawal amount?


How You Discovered Rummy Baaz App?

Regarding online games, you must have seen that you see Grand Max. Whether you are running YouTube, whether you are running Facebook, you are running any thing here, you cannot say in today’s time that I did not get to see this ad. I am talking about many games here like rummy play game. Rummy Baaz. You must have seen that you get to see its ad everywhere. Whether you want it or not, you get the ad. It is very recently that yesterday, the day after yesterday, the meaning came to me. Its message keeps coming that you are being credited ₹ 20,000, all you have to do is open it. This is to be installed.

Is Teen Patti Baaz Rummy Game Legal in India?

What is the right and who actually believes what? Is rummy a game, comes as a game or not? I will give you this information. Why every citizen should know this? What is happening these days? People are playing their game by investing money in different forms and playing in this economic condition. Meaning we are playing with this motive, can we make money? Or if a lot of people play in the category of enjoyment, then what did the court actually believe? What did the Kerala High Court consider? And along with this, you can compare all the other games a little bit, whether it will come in the category of right of enjoyment or not?

First of all, I will say only one thing that rummy is considered in the category of Game of skill. It is considered in the category of game of skill. The Kerala High Court has said in clear words that only the brother in Rabi who is rummy can play the game, who will have a lot of knowledge. Brother, if you want to invest money, then you can win by investing money. He has a lot of knowledge. By the way, you do not have the knowledge and you are not thinking so and you are losing. What does it mean that you have made a mistake, you do not know that I have to keep the investment.

Wagers Problem in Teen Patti Baaz

Why is the return happening? And about this, I see the option with pay support, I went to the option with support and talked to those people that brother, I am a troll, why is the return coming? Why is my wallet getting back? Again and again they asked me to see the game ID and the number I paid for this number, then I asked for this number and asked for the ID of my game. After that I gave them to them, after giving them they are saying that you have many accounts like login from the same mobile, no matter what happens, no one thinks that what is the meaning of bonus time bonus after those who download new ones. The bonus of ₹ 40 you get by binding to the number, so what do you bring? Your device is only one, same device means multiple accounts on the same device. We create them because the bonus we are getting by doing ₹ 40, so we do this again and again and what happens?

Teen Patti Baaz Withdrawal Returned Solution

The account is registered with multiple mobile numbers on the same device, after that one more thing happens like see any meaning, if you play the game by striking the dragon, then you are asked to see its track. Go to youtube and search to see the wedding drink of Dragon Boat Strike. Now you will see what many youtubers do and who show the trick of Dragon Bus Tiger. And what they say and say along with that I am playing in this this app because. There is a lot of company applications with the same game. Meaning you will get to see the same game inside many applications. So whenever you go to YouTube to watch a guy’s track of Dragon vs Tiger, he will tell you the trick that I am telling. I’m just walking, playing in the app, so the trick will be the applicable in the app.

Means in the application that I am playing, if you also play in this application, then you can win a lot of money by putting my history, then you play in Baaz Rummy and you have downloaded from it after watching youtube videos. Like I told you that there are many in the market and all the applications are from the same company and inside every application you will get to see us by Tiger.

So you saw a video on YouTube and the application of it from its description as if the tour was done in sequence. One, downloaded any one and created an account in it too. Ok so the number you have is ok, what will happen by doing this, you have many, many, many, many meanings of your login. Along with that, in Baaz Rummy, you changed many of your numbers, meaning by changing the mobile number, you created an account. If you see this, then it starts doing like this. your device can get blacklisted.

Teen Patti Baaz Munna Bhai Independence Dai Promo

Jai Hind!!! Celebrating 75 Years of Independence Day we launched new Azadi ka bonus event. The player who purchased items using their earnings that came from our gaming applications can get rewards. It can be any stuff they bought. UNLIMITED TIME up until August 16, 2022


1.The players must like our social media platforms (Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube,

Twitter and Telegram) the players must have an account in the said platforms 2 The players must comment hashtag #JAI HIND and attached a picture of any stuff they bought

that they earned using our gaming applications

The players and Agent will contact CSR, PROMOTION AGENT LINE, to participate in this activity




Important Information About Teen Patti Baaz App

Benefits and Steps to Claim VIP Privileges:

VIP membership privileges are here, RUMMY Baaz has launched a bonus event for the first deposit of the date 1th, 11th, and 21th on every month. Hurry up and share with your friends to join in VIP to get more rewards. Players deposit more than 1000INR for the first time on the date 1th, 11th and 21th of the month, and they can get more cash rewards the up to 20000 rupees the next day! (The winnings will be automatically sent to the member account)

Activity Rule

1.Eligible members do not need to apply. The IME will be automatically sent to the member’s account before 9:00 Indian time. The IME will be resolved based on Indian time.

2.All members (same name, same IP, mobile phone number), if the same name and mobile phone number IP appear, they are regarded as the same person, and the company has the right to refuse to issue bonuses

3.If it is found that a member has used dishonest means to collect preferential prizes, our company reserves the right to cancel the member preferential prizes and the corresponding profits or even freeze the “member’s account;”

4.Participating in our offer means that the member agrees to the above terms and conditions.

How to Prevent Account Freeze in Teen Patti Baaz?

  • Don’t clone the app and register on the same device with multiple numbers
  • Don’t try to apply any trick in the games.
  • Always play fair
  • Don’t exploit the refer and earn system.

Watch Video Gameplay in Teen Patti Baaz

Teen Patti Baaz App FAQ(s)

How do I verify my account in Teen Patti Baaz?

You only need to verify your mobile number on the registration page. And to do so you can simply enter the OTP that will be sent to your mobile number after you request it.

How much bonus do I get on sign up in Teen Patti Baaz?

The bonus that can be received by binding a mobile number on this app is ₹51.

How to download Teen Patti Baaz Apk?

It is not difficult you just need to click on the download link that you see at the top of this article.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Once chips have been granted, we do not offer CANCELLATION. If your chips have not been granted for whatever reason, please contact the customer support and your chips will be granted immediately. In case we are unable to grant you chips, you can cancel your payment by contacting our customer support and your refund will be processed from our end within 7 working days.


Once chips have been granted, we do not offer refunds. If your chips have not been granted for whatever reason, please contact the customer support and your chips will be granted immediately. In case we are unable to grant you chips, your refund will be processed from our end within 7 working days. If you are refunded even the chips have been granted, your account will be frozen after paying all your balance.

What We Collect

  • When the User uses any Ashenfallous’s game or service, we collect certain technical information in order to (i) analyze the usage of our sites and services; (ii) provide a more personalized experience; and (iii) manage advertising. We and service providers acting on our behalf, use Log Files and tracking technologies to collect and analyze certain types of technical information, including cookies, IP addresses, device type, device identifiers, browser types, browser language, referring and exit pages, and URLs, platform type, the number of clicks, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed and the order of those pages, the amount of time spent on particular pages, game state and the date and time of activity on our websites or games, and other similar information. In some cases, we will associate this information with User’s ID number for our internal use.
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