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GrowFitter Referral Code March 2021[CASHIHKX]: Get Free ₹100 Amazon Gift Card

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GrowFitter is an app for Android devices that you can use to earn various rewards by referring your friends. This app lets you earn Amazon Gift Cards, Premium subscriptions for streaming services like Hotstar and PrimeVideo. Not only that you can also redeem electronic products such as Apple iWatch, iPods, Panasonic headphones and more.

growfitter referral code

GrowFitter Referral Code CASHIHKX
Growfitter Sign up Bonus 10 Referral Point
GrowFitter Reward Per Refer 1 Referral point
Minimum Redeem 1 Referral Point
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    GrowFitter is the best app if you want to earn rewards and stay fit. The rewards that this app gives for achieving your fitness goals will help you stay motivated and target higher. There are many apps that give you rewards for staying fit like SSG. But none of them are as good as GrowFitter.
    GroeFitter also has many gyms and a website where yoou can buy fitness-related products. So GrowFitter is a complete package if you want to get healthier. And don’t forget to enter the GrowFitter Referral Code CASHIHKX on sign up. This will get you more points that you will be able to redeem for gift cards and products

    GrowFitter Referral To Get 10 Point on Sign up


    GrowFitter Important Information

    What is GrowFitter App? It is an app that will guide you to stay healthy and fit.
    Is GrowFitter App Safe? Yes, GrowFitter is completely safe and has no malware or virus.
    What is GrowFitter Referral Code? CASHIHKX
    Does GrowFitter has a website Yes.
    How Can I Earn Points? You can earn points by completing challenges and referring friends
    What is the maximum number of friends I can invite? There is no limit. You can refer as many friends as you can.
    What Can I Redeem for GrowFitter Points? There are many rewards that you can get in exchange for your points. These rewards include Amazon Pay cash, HotStar VIP subscription, Amazon Prime, Fitness products and more.
    When Will I Get My Reward? It can take up to 30 days depending on the reward you redeemed.
    Can Get Paytm Cash for my points? No. The only way to get cash in exchange for your points is by redeeming amazon gift card

    GrowFitter Umlimited Refer & Earn Trick:

    How To Refer & Earn ₹100 Amazon Gift Card on GrowFitter App

    1. Download and install the GrowFitter app.
    2. Open the app and click Sign up.

    3. Now sign up with Google, Facebook, or Mobile number.

    4. Fill up the for and enter our referral code: CASHIHKX.
    growfitter referral code

    5. Verify your email and mobile number.

    6. Go to Refer & Earn you will see that you have received 1 Referral point.
    growfitter refer and earn

    7. Click on the share button and share your referral code with your friends.

    8. For every friend that registers through your referral code you will get 1 Referral Point.
    9. Once you have referred 14 friends you will have a total of 15 Referral Points. This is the exact amount you need to redeem ₹100 Amazon Gift Card.

    Available Rewards at GrowFitter:

    I showed you above how you can get an Amazon Gift Card for free from Grow fitter app by just referring friends. But that isn’t the only reward that you can redeem. 

    Here’s the list of rewards available at GrowFitter app:
    • Hotstar VIP: 50 Points
    • Amazon Prime Video: 100 Points
    • Apple iWatch: 50 Points
    • Apple iPod: 500 Points
    • Panasonic Wired Headphones: 100 Points
    • Ganna Premium: 1 Point
    • Hungama Premium: 1 Point
    • Growfitter Store Voucher: 3 Points
    • Zoon Power Bank: 75 Points
    GrowFitter is one of the best Refer & Earn Apps out there. And if you have the means to invite a lot of friends you can get exciting prizes for free.
    GrowFitter app offers a smooth platform to keep you healthy and fit. This makes it easier to stick to your goals by giving yoou rewards in return for getting your goals. So you also work to get new and more difficult goals.

    Benefits of GrowFitter App:

    • 3 Month Ganna Subscription on sign up.
    • Refer and earn rewards worth ₹25,000.
    • Get Hotstar VIP and Amazon Prime Video for Free.
    • Earn Amazon gift card.
    • Claim Apple iPods.
    • 100% Free.
    • Stay fit.

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