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How to Get FREE Referrals From CashMentis

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how to get referrals

Do you want more referrals?

If yes, in this post I’ll show you how you can get referrals and earn more money using

Steps to Get Free Referrals:

1. Visit different pages and posts of to get an idea of what kind of posts are published here.
2. Select an app or website that you want referrals for.
3. Make sure the app/site falls in one of the categories of CashMentis and hasn’t already been written about on the blog.
4. Now write an article about that will help people understand why they should join the app/site too. The better your article is the more referrals you will get. Don’t forget to include your referral link/code and relevant images.

**The article must contain 400+ words and should not be a copy-paste**
5.  Now send that article in .docx format to with your name.

6. The post will be published on CashMentis if it’s of GOOD quality.

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