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Rummy Ninja Apk Download: Get ₹51 Bonus

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Ninja Rummy, Rummy Ninja Apk, Rummy Ninja App Download- Rummy Ninja is a new rummy earning app that just has been released for the users in India. The app has a number of games that you can play and earn money. But you should at least know how to play the game and then you can think about beating your opponent if you are playing a multiplayer game. Ninja Rummy Wealth apk has multiplayer games as well as group games in which the correct one wins instead of the one who beats the others. That means in some games there can be multiple winners.

Rummy Ninja is free to download. But it is not available on the Google Play Store so you will have to download it from the link in the download button below. To download the new rummy app you can click on the button and the download will begin immediately.

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You can also get free bonus when you sign up for the Rummy Ninja application. This bonus is 100% usable in games like Dragon vs Tiger and Teen Patti. But you should use the bonus wisely and not use it in games that you don’t even know the rules of. To make sure that you don’t lose the free bonus that you got for no reason, make sure you read the rules and how to play guide.

Rummy Ninja Apk Download

App NameRummy Ninja
Sign up Bonus₹51
Official WebsiteRummyAllApp.Com
Rummy Ninja Apk DownloadLink Below 👇👇👇

Rummy Ninja Wealth App Details

friends there are many details about this app that you need to know and I will tell you everything that you want to know about this application. The details about this application are a lot and it will take time for you to learn everything that you want before you actually start using this application but I will help you by providing you all the details that you will never need for starter is less talk about the sign up bonus. Now when you sign up for the first time you will be awarded a bonus of rupees 51 which is obviously agree think but the but I think is that you can use in any game you want and it is essentially and opportunity for you to make many online by playing games without any investment.

When you open the app for the first time you will get the option to bind your mobile number.

binding your mobile number in this Rummy application is very easy because only have to do is enter your mobile number and wait for the OTP. After you have received the OTP you need to enter it in the desired field and click on the sign up button. After you have click the button there will be some processing it is basically saving your details and sending it to the service so when you login with the same details on any other device it will restore all your data. You can only sign up with one mobile number on one device and if you are willing to create another account for the sake of the sign of Bonus you will have two sign up on another device because if you sign up on the same device with the different mobile number your account will get banned.

How to Sign up in Rummy Ninja Apk

You can sign up in this application with just your mobile number. For many users including me this is the easiest way to register in any application. Even in apps that support Google login or Facebook login I use the mobile number login option if it is available to sign up for the app. Reason why use it is because it is much easier to register with my mobile number because all I need is OTP and I can login in the app anytime I want without having to remember any password or having the Google account or Facebook account login in the app. I am saving time on registration and login process and this helps me get into the app much faster. Rummy Ninja application is similar to that because you can register only with your mobile number and any other type of login option is not available.

  1. Download the Ninja Rummy apk from the link.
  2. Then install the app on your phone.
  3. Open the app and click the Bind button
  4. After that make sure you enter the correct details in the sign up form and submit them.
  5. Now you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter this OTP to complete the sign up.

How to Add Money in Rummy Ninja

adding me a money is very important any Rummy app that you might try. You might need a lot of funds if you are willing to risk it and want to earn a lot of money the only way to gain a lot of money is if you better lot of money. Rule is that the more money you better the more money you have the chance to earn that way you will not have to play a lot of games to gain the same amount of money that you can and will be able to earn in just one game. Play at your own dress kissing she is your money that you are resting and net anybody else is it becomes very important that you only but that amount of money that you are willing to lose and won’t regret it.

Rummy Ninja app has a simple add money option that allows you to add money via any upi or bank account. But you cannot add any amount of money that you want you will have to select from the given options. Also means that you will have a minimum add amount limit and maximum it the maximum amount limit in this application is Rs 20000.

  1. Open the Ninja Rummy app and click on Add Cash button.
  2. Then select the amount that you want to add.
  3. Select a payment method.
  4. From the list of apps select the app to make the payment.
  5. Complete the payment.
  6. The amount will be added to your app wallet immediately

Rummy Ninja Refer and Earn Program

Any Rummy app is incomplete without an amazing reference system. Good thing is that this application also has Rummy refer and the program with a lot of rewards to be and that you will be able to earn by sharing your own referral link. You can share this refer link with your friends family or anybody actually they just have to download the app through your link and you will start any commission when they play games on the app.

If they don’t know how to play you can teach them how to play the game and how to add money then it will be beneficial for both of you because they will be able to start playing games that they want to do and you will start to earn commission that can be withdrawn to your bank account. Rummy Ninja app only supports bank withdrawals and not any other withdrawal method while some apps that you may find will let you withdraw your money to your Paytm account Paytm wallet but this one is not that type of rummy app. You only have one option when comes to be drawing many whether it is your referral commission or gave winnings only option you have for withdrawals is your bank account you can either choose the upi option or bank card option.

  1. Open the app and tap Refer and Earn button.
  2. Click the share icon on the next page.
  3. Now share the link with your friends.
  4. You can also share your link via YouTube or any other social media platform.

How to Withdraw Money From Rummy Ninja

  1. Open the app and go to the app wallet.
  2. Click the Withdraw button.
  3. Select a withdrawal amount.
  4. Click the withdraw button again.
  5. Confirm the account details and submit the request.

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Ninja Rummy App FAQs

How to login in the Rummy Ninja Apk?

To login you need to enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP.

How much bonus will I get on sign up?

You will get ₹99 cash bonus after you complete the sign up process.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount in the Rummy Ninja app?

the minimum amount that you can redeem is ₹150

How can I withdraw money?

You can withdraw your game winnings via UPI or Bank account.

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