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Teen Patti Club App Download, 3patti club apk, club teen patti download, rummy club apk. Hey Rummy players! Here we are back with another Rummy application, which you will like a lot. This app is also for those who want to earn bonuses from referrals. So let’s learn more about this application in this article.

teen patti club apk download

We can easily realize that there is a huge trend of online money earning apps which provide rummy apps and referral options for its users to earn a good sum of money. One of these applications is Teen Patti Club. Teen Patti Club is an all-in-one application for anyone who wants to bet and earn real money. With over 1,00,000 active and loyal players from all over India.

It makes Teen Patti Club Apk one of the most used rummy games in India. The security and service of the application is also the best in the class. In addition, there is a very strong anti-fraud community that prohibits cheaters and hackers from cheating with other players.

Teen Patti Club Download

club teen patti download

Teen Patti Club offers RUMMY and TEEN PATTI which are its most famous games that may require a good amount of skills and prior experience so that players could play it to make real money. In addition, there are over 17 simple games that even people with little or no experience can play and earn. If this seems great to you, there is much more that the app offers like several ways to earn, including referrals, earning features, and many bonuses that players receive while they play the games on the Teen Patti Club application.

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How to Download Teen Patti Club APK, 3 Patti Club

Teen Patti Club apk can be downloaded directly from the Download Link or by visiting the website . The Teen Patti Club apk supports both Android and IOS running devices. Using Teen Patti Club is legal throughout India except 5 states of Assam, Orissa, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Sikkim. People over the age of 18 and who are not residents of these states can make money using the Teen Patti Club app which is available one the links and site mentioned above for free.

Following are the steps you can follow to download the Teen Patti Club-

Step 1- Follow the link and download.

Step 2- If the link does not open, you can simply visit the website-

Step 3- On the home page of the get rummy app site, search for Teen Patti Club and click on it.

Step 4- Click on the DOWNLOAD TO PLAY button and the app will start downloading.

Step 5- Install the app and enjoy playing it.

How to Sign up & Get Big Bonus in Club Teen Patti App

teen patti club apk download

Signing up on the Teen Patti Club is a lot more easier than you can expect-

Step 1- After downloading the app, open it.

Step 2- You will get two options there, Mobile login and Guest login.

Step 3- choose the Mobile login option as the Guest login does not provide you all the application’s features.

Step 4- Login with your Mobile No. and create a new account after verifying with the help of OTP.

Step 5- Your account will be created and at the same time an amount of 51 Rs will reflect on your Teen Patti Club wallet.

Features of Teen Patti Club App Real Money

Teen Patti Club provides you with some industry leading features that you may not see on any other rummy apps in the market. Following is the list of those features-

1- It is an all in one application which is free to download and can be downloaded without any efforts.

2- It has a huge 1 Lakh+ community of users which ensures that the games start without any waiting time.

3- It provides you around 20 different games that can be played to earn real money.

4-The moment you sign up, you get an instant 51 Rs sign up bonus that can also be withdrawn after some time.

5-The best in class user interface that the app provides, makes the usage of this app so convenient and user friendly too. The graphics of the app and of the games inside it are very professional and are almost flawless.

6- It has one of the safest withdrawal and deposit features that can be done via your bank account, net banking or UPI. The transfer is extremely fast and seamless.

7-There is no language barrier in the app as it is available in your own local language. You can change it by going to the settings of the app.

8- The most rewarding part of the 9F Game is its Refer And Earn System. There is literally no limit on how much you can earn from it. The unlimited Refer and Earn feature distinguishes it from its competitions.

9- For an app having this many games and a huge number of active players using it, a good customer service option is compulsory. Teen Patti Club provides you a customer service which is far better than the rest of the Rummy apps. It is available for 24/7 and is quite reliable.

10- The Teen Patti Club provides you with a special feature of rebate bonus that is repaying you a small number of earnings the company gets from you when you use your money. For example if you play games with capital of 100 Rs to 2 Lakh Rs, you will get a rebate bonus of 0.01 % of that money. But if you play games with money more than 2 Lakh Rs you get a rebate bonus of 0.02 %.

11- There is yet another feature in the Teen Patti Club app in which you can get a 270 Rs bonus on your 200 Rs deposit. This is also called a weekly supreme card by the company. On the start of every week if you deposit 200 Rs in your Teen Patti Club account you will get a 200 Rs bonus back instantly on your account. On top of that you get 10 Rs daily bonus for the next seven days of the week which at last sum up to become 270 Rs cashback bonus on your account which can be withdrawn too.

How to Deposit Money in Teen Patti Club Apk

teen patti club shop

Enjoy seamless money deposition on the Teen Patti Club application by following these steps-

Step 1- Open the app and go to the home page.

Step 2- In the home page, look for the Add Money option and click on it.

Step 3- After that a deposit page appears where you have to choose how much money you want to deposit on the Teen Patti Club wallet. You can deposit any amount from Rs 10 to Rs 1,00,000.

Step 4- If you have already linked your bank account and completed your KYC, then you just have to verify it through an OTP and complete your payment.

Step 4- But in case you have not done that you can complete your KYC with ease on the Teen Patti Club, you also have to add and verify your Mobile no. and enter your email id. After this the transaction will be initiated.

Step 5- The app offers a variety of payment options such as UPI, bank credit cards, debit cards and more which results in instant secure payments on the app.

Step 6- Now, once your money is deposited, you can play and earn money with any of the games offered by the Teen Patti Club application.

How to Withdraw Money in 2 Minutes From Teen Patti Club

For withdrawal of your money on the Teen Patti Club app you just have to follow these steps-

Step 1- Open the Teen Patti Club application and go to the homepage.

Step 2- In the home page, you would see the Withdrawal option, click on it.

Step 3- Next, add the details of the bank account with which you want to withdraw funds. The least you can withdraw is 100 Rs and the most you can withdraw is 50000 Rs in a single day.

Step 4- The withdrawal page will appear,provide the amount of money you want to withdraw and click on the withdraw button.You may withdraw your sign up bonus too, but first you need to add a 5x amount of money to your Teen Patti Club account.

Step 6- The payment will initiate and will reflect on your account in less than 24 hrs.

Be a VIP User & Get Exclusive Rewards in 3 Patti Club

Guys, You can also become a VIP user of the Teen Patti Club Rummy application to get special VIP bonuses given by the company. These bonuses are daily bonuses, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, and many more according to how much you play.

To become a VIP member of the Teen Patti Club you do not have to do anything extra on the app. You just have to deposit a minimum sum of 500 Rs and you will become a VIP user automatically. After that you will be provided with all the special VIP features by the company.

How to Refer Friends & Earn Money in Teen Patti Club

teen patti club refer and earn

Teen Patti Club is one of the best referral and revenue systems on the market and is called “Teen Patti Club REFER AND EARN PROGRAM” which functions like a network marketing system. According to the company, the system helps you to earn large commissions through referrals, with zero risk, high returns and zero thresholds. It claims that you can earn 100000 Rs every month with just referring your friends or acquaintances.

The Refer and Earn system is itself very simple. You just have to send your referral id or referral link to your friends. Each one of them who will sign up on the Teen Patti Club app, will start contributing to your income.Firstly you will get a reward for each new sign up account that was done via your id or link. Secondly, you will earn a commission of 30% of the Tax levied on every time when your referral makes a transaction. And if your referral refers to someone else then they will also add up to your referral tree and the branches of that tree will keep growing. This will at last start giving you passive income without your single rupee of investment.

Steps to Share Invite Link of 3 Patti Club

Now, for referring simple steps are to be followed and you will start your Refer and Earn journey. THose are-

Step 1- Firstly, Download the Teen Patti Club app and sign up on it.

Step 2- Go to the Home page after opening the app.

Step 3- Then, Search for the refer and earn option and click on it. There you will see all the terms and conditions about the Teen Patti Club refer and earn system.

Step 4- You will also see your special refer code and refer link and a Q R code.

Step 5- Then share this code, link or Q R with as many people as you can. There is no limit as to how many people you can refer. Thus the more you share your code the more are the chances of people using it which result in them being your referrals and providing you your passive income.

Step 6- The code,link or Q R can be sent through social media apps like facebook, twitter, telegram, linkedin, whatsapp or even text messages or Emails.

Step 7- There is a way to spread your link or code even more widely by posting it on streaming apps like youtube comments or even make videos on the app and then promoting your referral code in it. This will help you spread your referral code to a wide range of people resulting in a high chance of them becoming your referrals.

Step 8- Now, just wait for a few days until your referral code has been spread to all and they start using it. You will be informed every time when your referral code is used and the commission will be sent directly to your Teen Patti Club wallet which you can withdraw any time.

How to Play Games & Earn Money on Teen Patti Club Apk

teen patti club games

As we have discussed earlier, the Teen Patti Club application offers Rummy and Teen patti for players having skills and knowledge about these games. But very few players know that they can play and earn money in this app even if they don’t have any prior betting experience. These players can play simple games that the app offers like Andar Bahar, Black Jack, Dragon vs Tiger and many more. There are currently around 20 games in the Teen Patti Club application which may increase later on. Teen Patti Club provides you with a special tutorial of a few minutes for each of its games so that you can learn about them before playing them and investing your real money on them.

Teen Patti Club has very strict anti cheat and anti theft systems which promotes fair play and does not tolerate any cheating on any of the games on it making it secure for the players to use their real money to bet on these games.

1- Rummy

2- Teen patti 20-20

3- Dragon vs Tigers

4- Teen Patti ( original )

5- 7 Up 7 Down

6- Car Roulette

7- Roulette

8- Deep Sea Awakening

9- Baccarat

10- Zoo Roulette

11- PUBG

12- Honour Of Kings

13- Black Jack

14- 10 Cards

15- Lucky Fruit

16- Matka

17- Warcraft Roulette

18- Andar Bahar

19- Duel Of The Sea King

20- Andar Bahar Go

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How is the Customer Care Support of Teen Patti Club?

Teen Patti Club offers you excellent customer support that is available 24/7. You can talk to their customer service about your concerns and they will address them as soon as possible and with utmost politeness and seriousness. You can also ask questions via G-Mail which will be replied in a day . The customer service is very interactive and answers your questions with maximum efficiency.


I have tried to sum up all the information you will need to use the 9F game app and its games. And at last my conclusion about this app is that it is one of the best in the market because of its unique features, extra bonuses, wide range of games and tight security too.

You will learn about the games within this app from the tutorials and have a great chance of winning and earning money from it.The deposit and withdrawal of money is so easy that it appears to be seamless at the same time the transactions are safe and secured.

Additionally, the Teen Patti Club app provides rapid and very efficient customer service .the company also has very strict anti fraud policies which make the games fair for all. Because of all its security features Teen Patti Club is one of the best betting apps you can get.

NOTE- The Teen Patti Club app is subjected to financial risks and should be used responsibly. You are suggested to learn the rules of the games you want to play before investing real money on it. People may lose money if they do not play responsibly. You must not use a huge sum of money in the starting. Instead, you can start with a few rupees and gather knowledge and experience about the games.

And as you get experienced you can increase the amount accordingly. You must also download the Teen Patti Club from the official link given in this article or from the official site. The company never calls you or messages you about your credentials so do not share them with anyone.

Teen Patti Club FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is my money safe?

Answer: Our Game application make use of highly advanced security features to ensure the safekeeping of financial and personal data gathered from players. We make sure that we keep up with data protection legislation and that their slots and other games get audited by external secu rity companies.

How to Register to the game?

Answer: For new players please click Play as Guest > Then proceed to register your mobile phone number by clicking your Avatar Icon. Click the Bound button. Fill out the information with your mobile phone number and set your own desire password. Click OTP (One Time Pin) then you will receive code through text. After you received the code, click Confirm to completely registered. Welcome and enjoy the game!

How to Recharge?

Answer: Open your game account, at the game lobby page click Pay. Select your desire amount of recharge then you may now proceed by clicking Add Cash. Select your desire method of pay ment and click Next step then it will automatically direct you with the payment merchant page.

What is the minimum amount of recharge?

Answer: Minimum recharge is 10rs, maximum amount of recharge is unlimited.

How to make a withdrawal?

Answer: Click Withdraw on your game lobby, then select the withdrawal option you want (bank or UPI) and enter your desire amount to withdraw, then click Withdraw.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

Answer: Minimum withdrawal is 30 rupees, maximum amount of withdrawal is unlimited.

What is the maximum withdrawal per day?

Answer: Withdrawal is up to 5 times a day.

What are the withdrawal options?

Answer: We support Bank Card and UPI mode of withdrawals.

Why do I need to provide my ID and recharge information after I initiate a withdrawal and customer support contacted me?

Answer: This is for the safety of our players. Our company is making sure that we will send the withdrawal

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