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Slots Master Apk Download: ₹51 Sign up Bonus | New Rummy App

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Master Slots Apk, Master Slots App Download, Master Slots- The new rummy app which we will be writing about today is called Master Slots. If the name sounds familiar then it is because it is. The Master Slots app seems to be copying Teen Patti Master In many aspects and not just the name. We will discuss this new application in detail and help you understand the app better and then you will be able to make your decision after that.

master slots apk

This application has been launched recently and since then many YouTubers and Telegram channel owners have shared this app with their users. I had to take some time testing the app features to actually make my mind about it and share my findings with you.

Popular Rummy Apps:

In a world of rummy apps that look exactly the same the Master Slots apk tries to look and feel like one of the most successful rummy applications in India. It is trying to look like Teen Patti Master and also has a similar referral program but it doesn’t work the same. The promised rewards in the refer and earn page are just for show and do not actually tell you the truth.

What is Master Slots?

Slots Master is a gaming application. It is a new app that has been launched a few days ago. With the launch of this app you have another chance to make money online by just playing games.

You can play a number of games but the most popular ones are Rummy, Dragon vs Tiger and Teen Patti.

If you have the chance to win real money than it also means that you also have to invest it.

The Slots Master apk involves financial risk and you should play responsibly and at your own risk.

Master Slots Apk Download and Installation

The download page of the Master Slots apk is bit cluttered but you can find the download button easily. It is located at the bottom of the page but glowing enough to catch your eye. The download link will take you the official download page and you can easily get the apk file downloaded.

After the download has finished you can install the the apk on your phone. But you eill have to enable installation from unknown sources in your mobile settings.

When you first open the Slots Master app after it has been installed you will have to wait while it downloads additional resources and updates. Although the size of the apk is around 55 MB it still downloaded over 30 MB of updates after I first opened the app. So you can expect the same size of download after you open the application for the first time.

After all the updates have been completed you can login. The login page will appear immediately after the download and you can pick your sign up option. More on how to sign up in the amd bonus amount later in the review.

Slots Master Apk Review

I have been using the app for a few days now and found out that the games are reliable and won’t glitch during the gameplay. But since every device different you may or may not face any issues or bugs in the usage of the app.

It is nit the best app to start making money due to the fact that you don’t get any reward on sign up.

The refer and earn program of Slots Master apk is also not on par with Rummy Yes or Happy Teen Patti.

Slots Master Apk Login and Get Bonus

For logging in the app you have three options:

  1. Guest Login
  2. Mobile Login and
  3. Google Login

If you ask me I’d say that the mobile login option is the most convenient one. And you can login without having to give any permission to your social media accounts. And the guest login option is only good for viewing how the app looks and testing its features and does not kket you play any games.

Slots Master Mobile Login

  1. To login with your mobile number, tap the Mobile Login button.
  2. Then, enter your mobile number and OTP then you can click on the Login button.
  3. You will now get taken to the home page of the app.
  4. Then enter your email address for verification.

Games to Play in Slots Master App

slots master apk games

There are a number of games that you can play on this new rummy app and some games are listed as “coming soon” so you can expect new games to be added in the app later.

The games that you can play on this app are:

  • Video Poker
  • Rummy
  • Dragon vs Tiger
  • Teen Patti
  • Joker
  • Hukum
  • Ak47
  • Daduk Kaprok
  • Red vs Black
  • Roulette
  • Cars Drifting
  • SIC Bo
  • 7 Up Down
  • Baccarat
  • Andar Bahar
  • King and Queen

Slots Master Apk Referral Program to Earn Money

There’s nothing better than a good referral program in a rummy application but the slot master app disappoints a little bit. because first of all you don’t get actually as rewarded as they mention in the referendum page and the advertisement banners on the home page of the application.  

So they are lying that you will earn a lot of money for every friend that you invite they even claim that you will learn ₹2000 for every friend that you share your referral link with and when they play. but they’re hiding an important fact that your friends will have to deposit a lot of cash and you will only get some Commission from the games they play and some Commission from their recharge amount. 

I’m not saying that it is not possible to earn ₹2000 or even more from inviting your friends or for every friend that you invite but what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t expect to earn that match just when your friends sign up or download the Master Slots APK. 

You will learn up to ₹40 the first friend that signs up through your referral link and you will earn 30% of your referrals recharge Commission whenever they recharge their account 

  1. Open the app and click on the Refer and Earn banner or the Agent icon at the bottom of the screen. You will be redirected to the Refer and Earn or Agent page of the app.
  2. Here, before you start sharing your referral link you will have to assign in first.
  3. To sign in click on the Sign up/in button at the top of the screen.
  4. After that, enter your mobile number and OTP for verification.
  5. Now share your referral link with whoever you want.
  6. For the first friend that logins, you will get ₹40 and for every friend that recharges you will get 30% commission.

How to Add Cash in Slots Master Apk

  1. Open the app and click on the Add Cash button.
  2. Now select an add cash amount. The minimum amount that you will be able to select is ₹100 and the maximum is ₹10000.
  3. Now click Proceed.
  4. After that, complete the payment.

Slots Master Apk FAQs

How to sign up for Slots Master app?

To sign for the slots master you can choose any of three available options:

  • Mobile
  • Guest
  • Google

What is the bonus amount in the Master Slots apk?

Unfortunately, this rummy app does not offer any reward on sign up.

Can I earn money by inviting friends in this app?

Yes, you can. You can earn money for every friend that registers through your link and also earn 30% of their recharge amount as commission.

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