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Rummy Wala Apk Download & Get ₹25 Bonus | New Rummy App

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Rummy Wala

Rummy Wala- how are you hello friends so you might be aware that there have been so many new rummy apps that I have shared with you on this website. You can download all the running apps that I have published on for free and the direct link can be found on each and every post that you read. 

rummy wala apk download

So today as always I have a new rummy application that you can try on your Android device only since the app is only available for Android phones and not for iOS or windows. The first thing that you would want to do is download the app to help you with that I have provided the download link below in the post you can simply click the download button and the application will be downloaded. 

New Rummy Apps:

Now I will tell you exactly how much bonus you can get when you sign up for this app. Starting with the mobile login option when you open the application you will have a bunch of sign up options but as it suggests that you sign up only with your mobile number and this option will also get this new tools and share a strong password so that you can log in whenever we want with your mobile number and password. 

Download Rummy Wala

Rummy Wala Apk Signup BonusRs.25
Rummy Wala Apk linkDownload Now
Referral BonusRs.100
Minimum PayoutRs.100

About Rummy Wala Apk 

This is a new earning app that has been launched by the company has recently launched many new rummy applications like Rummy Apna.  

It is an application where users can play games and not just any games most of the games are card based. 

Money that users win the games can be easily withdrawn to their bank account. The VIP benefits in this game are also pretty good. You can judge it for your self when I tell you that you can get up to ₹250 as daily reward once you reach a certain VIP level.

Rummy Wala App Review

My review of this Rummy app is that it is very new and anything we say about this could be true or false since we do not have enough evidence to base our thoughts on.

 but it is also true that there are many applications that has been launched over the past few months that have a serious case of bugs and people lose money in these games and it is true no matter the rummy app they download.

Much like any Rummy application this one also involves financial risk and you should make sure that you play responsibly and at your own risk.

Is Rummy Wala app safe?

The version of the app that I am using has been checked using many antivirus softwares and malware checker softwares and I have not found any code that will harm my mobile.  but it only holds true based on the results of these so-called security softwares and not my own research on them since I don’t know how to make these applications.

You should also know that this statement only holds true for the current version of the application at the time of writing this article and they will update the application as any Rummy app company does and what they do within that update is up to them.

Can I Play Games on Rummy Wala to Earn Money?

Anybody can play games of this new rummy app and make money online. But you should check beforehand whether it is legal to play real cash games in your state. Because some states in India have banned real money gaming apps.

How to Download the Rummy Wala Apk?

Downloading the rummy apps have never been this easy. Because now you can simply go to the best website to download rummy apps and find all the rummy that you will ever need. But before we discuss any of that let tell you how you can download the Rummy Wala. It is very easy to install this new rummy application on Android phones. To download this app just click the download button below.

Getting Started with Rummy Wala APK

1. Download the Rummy Wala apk on your phone.

2. Open the app and login with mobile number.

3. On the login page you will see the register now button, click it.

4. Now enter your mobile number and request for an OTP.

5. When you receive the OTP enter it along with a password and click Submit.

6. Now you will get ₹20 bonus.

7. You can bind your mobile number and email address to get ₹5 more.

8. The next time you open the app you will have to enter your mobile number and password to successfully login to the app.

How to Refer and earn Money in Rummy Wala

  1. Open Rummy Wala Apk
  2. Login into the App
  3. Go to Menu, click on Refer and Earn
  4. Share your Real Teen Patti Referral Code
  5. Get Free Cash Rewards to Play Rummy Game
  6. Winning Amount Withdrawal into Bank Account & Paytm.

How to Play Games in Rummy Wala App

Teen Patti 20-20 Game in Rummy Wala

Games Rules

Teen Patti 20-20 is played with one deck of 52 cards. On the table,you will notice that there are four betting spots in front of the seated position A or B. At the right,you have “Pair+ and Bet”,in the middle is the betting spot for ‘Tie and 6 Caro Bonus’ and the spot on the left is the spot for Pair+ and Bet’. The game begins when the players place a bet on either of the bet spots which must be equal to the minimum amount indicated for that particular table. Each player has the option to make an additional ‘Pair Plus ‘wager or a ‘6 Card Bonus’ or a ‘Tie’ wager that awards a bonus to the play(s) who receives a hand consisting of certain and combinations as listed in the tables below.Once the player has finished placing his bets,the dealer distributes one card to player A and one card to player B placing it face up. Each hand is dealt three respectively. On distribution of 3 cards to each hand,cards on both hand A and B are compared and the hand which has highest card combination wins. If both hands [A and B] has the same rank then it’s Tie game. In case of a Tie game,the bets in the main bets are pushed and a bet on Tie gets the payoff.

Bet Type:

  1. Pair+
  2. Bet
  3. Tie
  4. 6 Card Bonus

Ranking of hands

  • Three of kind AAA
    Three cards of Ace e.g.
  • Three of a kind
    Three cards of Ace equal rank e.g.
  • Straight Flush
    Three cards of the same suit in numerical sequence e.g.
  • Straight
    Three cards of any suit in sequential order e.g.
  • Flush
    Three cards of the same suit e.g.
  • Pair
    Two cards of equal rank e.g.

High Hand

A hand without a pair but with a high card

Pair Plus

The Pair Plus bet is made solely when your three card hand is composed of a pair or better. In this situation, it doesn’t matter whether the hand A or B wins the round or not, as having a pair or greater will suffice for you to win this bet.

6 Card Bonus

The 6 Card Bonus is an additional side bet for Teen Patti 20-20. The rules are as follows:
The 6 Card Bonus wager considers the three cards dealt to the hand A and the three cards dealt to the hand B.
A player then uses those six cards, regardless of the number of cards used from A or the hand B, to make the best possible five card hand. If the payer’s hand qualifies for payouts, the player is paid according to the rank of the cards. The 6 Card Bonus wager may win or lose regardless of the outcome of the initial wager on the bet.

6 Card Bonus Ranking of hands

  • Royal Flush
    Ace,King,Queen,Jack and Ten of the same suit e.g
  • Straight Flush
    Three cards of the same suit in numerical sequence e.g.
  • Four of a kind
    Four card of equal rank e.g.
  • Full house
    Three card of the same rank, and two cards of a different, matching rank e.g.
  • Flush
    Three cards of the same suit e.g.
  • Straight
    Three cards of any suit in sequential order e.g.
  • Three of a Kind
    Three cards of equal rank e.g.

How to Claim VIP Membership in Rummy Wala

  1. Open the Wala Rummy app and tap VIP icon.
  2. Click Buy.
  3. Now select a chip pack of ₹500 or 1000
  4. Proceed to deposit money.
  5. Make the payment via UPI or Paytm account.

Rummy Wala App Important Links

Rummy Wala APK FAQs

Do I get any bonus on sign up the Rummy Wala apk?

Yes, you will get a free bonus of ₹20.

Can I withdraw money from Rummy Wala to UPI?

No, as of right now only bank details are accepted for processing withdrawals.

Where Can I download more new rummy apps like Rummy Wala? is the best place to download new rummy applications. You can visit the website and just select the rummy app that you want to download.

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