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Teen Patti Dilbar APK Download: ₹41 Bonus, Rummy Dilbar Download

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Teen Patti Dilbar apk download. Teen Patti Dilbar invitation code, Rummy Dilbar APK Download.   Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about Teen Patti Dilbar App. Please share your Experience and feedback to help others after finding your queries. Your feedback and Experience will help number of other people who do not know about this App. So friends, let’s start by moving this post forward.

teen patti dilbar
teen patti dilbar app

You may heard about an Android App named Rummy Dilbar Gaming App from an advertisement or friend. In which it is said that you can earn thousands of rupees by playing some games. As told in Advertisement or Video, you can earn money by playing some easy mobile games. like – Tik tac toe, cards, carrom, smash, speed chees etc.

To use the Teen Patti Dilbar Gaming app, you must first register. Following that, you will be required to play games in order to gain money. You may deposit this money into your Paytm or bank account. We are not discussing its features at this time, but we are still determining if Teen Patti Dilbar Earning App is genuine or not.

Download Teen Patti Dilbar APK & Invitation Code

Rummy Dilbar APK DownloadDownload
Teen Patti Dilbar Sign up Bonus₹51
Teen Patti Dilbar Invitation Codehp99zo
Refer and Earn₹100 + 30%

About Teen Patti Dilbar App

The amount of money you make is entirely dependent on how much you stake. You’ll have to stake more money if you want to make more money using this programme. You can earn 500 to 1500 rupees if you put in enough time to play and win the majority of the games and your app performance is decent.

Is Teen Patti Dilbar App Paying?

Yes, it is paying, and you may withdraw your money in seconds. You will need at least 5 rupees to do so. Winning to withdraw, very quick way to double or triple your money. You don’t have to win every time; you may just add money and gain 100 percent to 200 percent more for playing, then enter a game like rummy 0.25 table, where you lose 5 rs if you stop too soon. However, you will receive 95 rupees in your winning account. So whether you win or lose, you will be compensated. You may also earn by introducing your contacts; simply request your buddy to play the game with you, and you and your friend will both receive 20 rupees; if he or she is not interested, play a carrom game together, enter the game, and exit from there.

How to Sign up on Teen Patti Dilbar:

teen patti dilbar sign up
dilbar teen patti sign up
  1. Download the Dilbar Teen Patti apk and install the app on your phone. You might not be able to install the apk if you have an older device.
  2. Open the app and click Account Register.
  3. Now create a new account.
  4. After you verify your mobile number, ₹51 will be credited to your balance.

Dilbar Rummy Mod APK

There is no modded version available for the Teen Patti Dilbar app. You can look for it somewhere else but you won’t find it since all the games are online.

Teen Patti Dilbar Refer and Earn Money

teen patti dilbar refer and earn

You can earn real money by sharing your invite link with your friends. Although you won’t get any reward when your friend signs up but you will earn commission when your friend plays cash games.

You can get 15-30% of their tax amount and many other rewards.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Dilbar app.
  2. Tap Refer & Earn button.
  3. अब अपना referral link copy कर ले
  4. Share your referral link with your known persons.

Teen Patti Dilbar Agency Week Bonus

This is the extra weekly bonus for agents with good record The agent extra weekly bonus will be delivered each Monday. You have to claim the agent weekly bonus in one week which will expire after one week.

How Much Money Can You Earn By Inviting Users?

grade 1 grade 1 grade 1 Freelance Trustee Promote Rebates to win Millions Earnings Breakdown grade 2 B 4 B1 B2 |grade 3 [ – A C a N… grade 2 (2 ) grade 3 grade 3 Invitation Award Example Taxes – Daily Earning – Daily Earning -Monthly Agency week bonus Direct subordinate B 200,000 Proxy Pattern L2 – subordinate B1 100,000 200,000*30%*30= 200,000*30% = 60,000 1,800.000 100,000*30%*30%*30= 100,000*30%*30% = 9,000 270.000 50,000*30%*30% *30% = 1.350 50,000*30%*30%*30%*30= 40.500 L3 – subordinate B11 50,000 Details Bind Parent

Example: Your immediate downstream B creates 30,000 in taxes B’s downstream B1 creates 25,000 in taxes B1’s downstream B11 creates 12,000 in taxes Your income =30,000 x 30% +25,000*30%*30%+12,000*30%*

Nationwide Agency Rewards

Nationwide agency Unlimited agent promotion mode Share and Earn Zero Risk,Zero Threshold, High Return

— Steps to Earn Refer a Friend Bonus —

1 Promote through email links. SMS or social media – chat software such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

2 Promote by publishing video / or live software on social media such as instagram Youtube / or Facebook

3 Promotion and drainage through post bar,forum,etc

Friends make everything more interesting. Bring your friends to Teen Patti Dilbar and earn 30% commission .Isn’t this a sweet deal? Recommend a friend can get 30% commission, but please consider recommending multiple friends!Invite as many friends as possible

How Much Money Can You Win in Teen Patti Dilbar?

The money that can be earned or won on this gaming platform strictly depends on the bet amount. The more money you bet the more money you can earn but that also means that if you lose the loss will be greater. There are other ways to earn money on Dilbar Teen Patti as well. For example; you can refer users to the platform and earn money for free and get extra bonuses when you deposit cash.

What Games Can I Play on Teen Patti Dilbar:

Dragon vs TigerRummy
Car RouletteBlack Jack
7 Up DownAndar Bahar Go
Zoo RouletteFishing Rush
Roulette10 Cards
Andar BaharVariations
3 Card PokerTeen Patti
Best of Five

Usage of Sign up Bonus in Games

The sign up bonus is usable in any game without any restrictions. But to join any game you need to have at least ₹30 in your balance.

Other than that there are no limits to the usage of bonus in Teen Patti Dilbar. so that really gives you the perspective of how beneficial this app can be for you.

Teen Patti Dilbar VIP

You can recharge your account with ₹500 and get the VIP membership instantly. But now you must be thinking about what the benefits are to becoming a VIP. And that is what I am going to tell you.

So the first benefit is that you will unlock weekly bonus and progress bonus at VIP 1. But as you unlock more levels the higher your reward will be.

VIP₹ to UpgradeWinningsWeeklyMonthly
VIP 00000
VIP 1500000
VIP 2Rs.10k103060
VIP 3Rs.30k154070
VIP 4Rs.80k205080
VIP 5Rs.150k256090
VIP 6Rs.250k3070100
VIP 7Rs.450k3580110
VIP 8Rs.750k4090120
VIP 9Rs.1.15m45100130
VIP 10Rs.1.65m50110140
VIP 11Rs.2.35m55120150
VIP 12Rs.3.25m60130160
VIP 13Rs.4.35m65140170
VIP 14Rs.5.65m70150180
VIP 15Rs.7.15m75160190
VIP 16Rs.8.95m80170200
VIP 17Rs.11.06m85180210
VIP 18Rs.13.45m90190220
VIP 19Rs.16.15m95200230
VIP 20Rs.19.15m100210240

VIP 1 Privileges:

Daily Bonus: login every day to claim daily login bonus

Weekly Bonus: continuous 7 days to claim weekly bonus

Monthly Bonus: Continuous sign in 30 days to claim monthly bonus

Level Bonus: Upgrade to next level to claim monthly bonus

Tips to Make Money on Teen Patti Dilbar?

  • Teen Patti Dilbar has VIP Levels, which allows it to provide loyal customers higher points incentives. All you have to do to advance is maintain using the app on a regular basis. Other survey sites, albeit less widespread, provide loyalty programmes that can help you enhance your profits through incentives, special offers, and other means.
  • Recharge Your Account: On your first recharge, you can get 5% extra bonus for free. So it is free cash that you can easily get without any extra effort.

Dragon vs Tiger Game Trick in Teen Patti Dilbar App(Warning)

The trick that is shown in the video below will not cause any trouble. But some tricks are very harmful and may cause your account to be frozen.

Teen Patti Dilbar Video Payment Proof

Teen Patti Dilbar FAQ(s):

Is Teen Patti Dilbar safe to download?

For the most part I did not detect any harmful code in the app. But you still should check whether it is safe to install or not with an app like AVG.

Can I get sign up bonus without binding mobile number?

No. You must bind your mobile number to get the bonus of binding your mobile number

What is the minimum redeem amount in Teen Patti Dilbar?


How many times can I withdraw from Teen Patti Dilbar app in one day?

You can withdraw up to 3 times a day.

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