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Rummy Gold 2 Apk Download, Rummy Gold Plus: ₹51 Bonus

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Rummy Gold 2 Apk, Rummy Gold 2, Rummy Gold Plus, Rummy Gold Online, Rummy Gold 51. Rummy Gold 2 is another addition to the list of rummy apps that I have shared with the reader’s of over the past few months. This bonus offering rummy application is free to download on any Android supported device and even emulators. So if you have multiple mobile numbers, you can virtually sign up and bonus amount unlimited number of times. You can get ₹51 bonus money when you sign up.

rummy gold 2

The sign up process is very difficult in many similar apps. But that is not the case with Rummy Gold 2 Apk, and it is quite easy and takes less than 30 seconds. Money earning is a need of the hour for any student or public in general. And with people with skills in games like Rummy it is possible to make money with it.

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The Rummy Gold 2 app is the name of such a chance. But if somethings are good theres is a bad side as well. And the bad side of this or any real money gaming app is the addiction and loss of money.

What is Rummy Gold 2 App?

rummy gold 2 apk download

Rummy Gold 2 is an Android app like Happy Ace Casino. The app is available for users in Indian states where online gaming with money is not banned. So before you download the rummy app and use it check if your state is one of them.

It is one of those apps that don’t require PAN card verification for KYC and will let you withdraw money to your bank account without any processing fees.

For influencers there is also the refer and earn program.

Gold Rummy Official WebsiteRummyAllApp.Com

How to Download Rummy Gold 2 Apk

Gold 2 Rummy apk file is very easy to download. But if this is your first time downloading a third party app you can follow the steps below.

  1. This is the step first of downloading the Rummy Gold 2 APK.
  2. This is the second step and in this step you need to click on the link.
  3. When you click the link the download of the app will not begin rather you will be redirected to the download page of the app.
  4. Now you can click on the download link and install the apk.

How to Get Maximum Bonus Online in Rummy Gold 2 Plus

1. First, download the Rummy Gold Plus apk on your phone. To do that you will find the download button at the

2. Open the app and sign up with your mobile number.

3. Claim your daily login bonus every day for 7 days And you will get ₹51.

4. For more free bonus login and claim bonus every day.

How to Earn Money From Referral Program

By referring your friends, you can earn commission on their every recharge and sign up. Bonus on recharge is 30% of the recharge amount of your referrals. Since the bonus is not limited, the more your referrals recharge the more money you will get as commission.

But inviting friends is not rewardless either. You will get ₹20 for every sign up no questions asked. Whether your friend recharge or not is irrelevant. He just needs to download the app through your link and sign up.

Go to the refer and earn page in order to generate your unique referral link. Then you can share it with anybody and earn commission when they sign up and recharge.

What is The Difference Between Rummy Gold 2 & Teen Patti Master

If you don’t know, let me tell you that Teen Patti Master is the best rummy and teen patti app right now. Some of the features that make it so popular are given below and some I will mention now.

So while most other rummy apps have thousands of user complaints, Teen Patti Master has almost none and it also gives a sign up bonus + daily login bonus of ₹135+.

Teen Patti Master

  • Teen Patti Master app gives you up to ₹135.
  • Teen patti master app contains dragon vs tiger game.
  • Master has more games.
  • No pan card verification is required
  • Teen Patti Master Official Website:

Rummy Gold 2

  • Rummy Gold 2 app offers up to ₹51 bonus.
  • Rummy Gold 2 also has dragon vs tiger game.
  • This app has fewer games as compared to teen patti master.
  • No pan card verification required.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount in Rummy Gold 2 is ₹100

What Are Cards in Rummy Gold 2 APK?

Cards is rummy gold are just a different way to get more bonus on your deposits. Namely there are two cards:

  • Weekly and
  • Monthly Card.

Both cards have different prices and offer different bonus and extra rewards. The first one is valid for 1 week(7 days) while the other is valid for 30 days.

Rummy Gold 2 App Review

I have been using Rummy Gold 2 for over a month now and have won more than ₹10000 by just playing the Dragon vs Tiger game on it. The profit that I have made is more than ₹6000 and you can too. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that you can lose money as well.

The withdrawals for this rummy app is probably the greatest part as you can receive your withdrawn funds instantly to your bank account.

Add cash process is also very easy and fast. You can add ₹100 to ₹10000 at one time.

And how can I forget the sign up bonus. Because the sign up bonus on the app is not low at all it is much more than other apps that I have tried before.

How to Withdraw Money From Rummy Gold 2

First you need to verify your email address and mobile number and enter your correct name to begin the withdrawal process. After that, you will be asked to choose a withdrawal method and enter the relevant details. There are two withdrawal methods that Rummy Gold 2 supports and they are UPI and IMPS.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Rummy Gold 2”

How to Sign up on Rummy Gold 2?

After installing the app open it and register with your mobile number.

Does Rummy Gold 2 App Has Wingo Games?


What are other apps that are similar to Rummy Gold 2?

Some apps that are the same as Rummy Gold 2, Are:

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